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Jenelle Evans Wishes Herself A Happy Mother’s Day On Instagram, Doesn’t Mention Her Mother

Jenelle Evans celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, but sadly, she appears to have done so without her mother, Barbara Evans, and her oldest son, Jace.

In a photo post on Instagram, Jenelle Evans made a point to wish herself a Happy Mother’s Day but failed to mention her mother, who has been raising her oldest child since shortly after his birth in 2009.

“#HappyMothersDay to me!” Jenelle Evans wrote. “The kids and David made me this homemade chalk board for our house and even drew one awesome picture on it. I’m in love! This day didn’t go the way I imagined but there will be many more to come in the future.”

Although Jenelle Evans didn’t say exactly what she was hoping for, her comment may have been about her oldest son’s absence. As fans of the reality star will recall, she and her mother have been at odds over custody for the past couple of years, and as their battle over Jace continues, they seem to be estranged.

While Jenelle Evans was unable to see her oldest child on Sunday, she did get to spend time with her other children, including her two-year-old son Kaiser, from her past relationship with Nathan Griffith, and her three-and-a-half-month-old daughter, Ensley, from her current relationship with David Eason.

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Jenelle Evans’ fans on Instagram seemed to be on her side when it came to her custody battle, and many took aim at Barbara in the comments section of the photo above and claimed the woman was being nasty and cruel by keeping Jace from her on Mother’s Day. Others pointed out that while Jenelle Evans has made tons of mistakes in the past, she appears to have turned over a new leaf as she and Eason enjoy their new home and blended family.

Weeks ago, Jenelle Evans looked back on her life and shared her thoughts with her fans and followers on Instagram.

“My mornings now compared to 5 years ago is really eye opening,” she wrote in the caption of a photo of Eason and her two youngest kids. “Family is everything to me and always will be. Where I was years ago compared to now, I look back on everything and think, ‘Holy s**t, I made it.’ I hope everyone can watch the series and see my journey and learn from it. Thanks for continuing to watch my life, hope I entertained you the past 7/8 years.”

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Speaking to E! News about her ongoing custody battle with Barbara last month, Jenelle Evans said she is sure to get her oldest son every weekend while she has her youngest son, Kaiser, every other weekend.

“During that time, [Jace] is constantly around all the kids and family until he goes back to my mom’s on Sunday nights. I have also been trying to take family photos lately of everyone together. I don’t want anyone to feel excluded from our family,” she said of her efforts to keep her family together.

Jenelle Evans went on to reveal that her son doesn’t have a side when it comes to her custody battle with Barbara and insisted she’s done her best to keep him out of their disputes.

“If she makes me frustrated, I’ll simply hang up—no need for all of that extra stress,” she said.

Jenelle Evans and her family, including her boyfriend David and her mom Barbara, are expected to return to MTV later this year in Teen Mom 2 Season 8.

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