More fake scenes revealed on Alaskan Bush People rumors

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors: As Cancellation And ‘Fake’ Rumors Swirl, The Brown Family Helps With A Case

You have to hand it to the Brown family, the stars of the hit TV show Alaskan Bush People: They know how to keep their names in the news. And there’s no better example of this than in the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors, which suggest that they played an integral part in a recent true crime story that featured a missing girl.

We’re all for heroics, so many congratulations and thanks go out to the Brown family for playing their part, however small, in making sure the girl got home safe and sound.

So, what happened?

According to the Portland, Maine, NBC affiliate, WCSH-TV, the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors revolved around the fate of Alisha Brooks, a 24-year-old girl who went missing in the area. According to the initial police report, she was last seen talking online to the Brown family (it wasn’t clear if there was any family member in particular that she was talking to) when she left on foot.

“She went outside to feed the chickens and it was reported to the Sheriff’s Office that she never returned. She is reported to have taken her cell phone, wallet and borrowed $20.00 from her husband just before going outside. Family and deputies believe that her disappearance might be premeditated. She is reported to have no known mental health issues, and no suicidal statements had been made.”

Shortly after the bulletin was issued, the sheriff’s office received word that Alisha was safe and sound, and the search was called off.

Unfortunately, however, most of the Alaskan Bush People rumors aren’t very positive. One of the biggest accusations levied against the Brown family, of course, is that the show is fake. This isn’t helped by the latest Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story on the matter, which suggests that the Brown family gets paid — though not in the millions — quite substantially for their appearances on the show.

“I tried to get an official answer to this question and was met with silence after emailing a Discovery publicist. A recent article in The Hollywood Reporter notes that paying subjects in docuseries is pretty standard. Odds are it’s not a lot, but generally they do get paid for the time they spend making the TV show to compensate for the time they are not spending earning a paycheck.”

And there’s more. According to the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors from Traveler’s Today, the fate of the seventh season of the show is hanging in the balance. While there are some rumors that the show will be renewed for a seventh and final season, this outlet claims that the show has been canceled due to the “fake” rumors.

“Haters have targeted the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Facebook page. However, the family’s loyal fans have rallied behind the Brown family to show their support. A fan said that it doesn’t matter whether the show is fake or not – they love it all the same. Another also said that the show is produced by the entertainment industry, and that it’s enjoyable as just that – ‘entertainment.’ Regardless of what other people say, the show continues to get loyal fans. “Alaskan Bush People” Season 6 wrapped up last month, and while there is no confirmation yet whether there is going to be a Season 7, the show’s steady ratings may guarantee a slot for a comeback.”

It’s now your turn: What do you think of this latest round of Alaskan Bush People rumors? Do you think the show will be renewed for another season?

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