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Serial Killer Israel Keyes Found Dead In Jail Cell, Officials Say

Serial killer found dead in jail cell

Israel Keyes, a confessed serial killer, was found dead in his jail cell Sunday in Anchorage, US Attorney Karen Loeffler said in a news conference over the weekend.

Although details of Keyes’ death were not revealed, officials say that the confessed serial killer was alone in his cell and that foul play was not suspected.

Keyes was awaiting trial for the murder of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, who disappeared in February. The confessed serial killer, who was eventually arrested in Texas, later admitted to abducting and murdering the girl and was to face trial in March.

Keyes also admitted to the murder of a Vermont couple, Bill and Lorraine Currier, in June of last year. Prosecutors claim that Keyes also confessed to killing five other people, but the names of the victims were never uncovered.

“He did tell us that he had killed other people and that there were bodies of up to four other people in Washington state, as well as a body disposed of in New York state,” Assistant US Attorney Kevin Feldis said after the press conference, according to Reuters.

FBI Special Agent Mary Rook told NBC station KTUU that Keyes was considered to be a serial killer by the FBI and that most of the crimes happened in different states.

“We’ve developed information that he was responsible for multiple additional victims. To our knowledge there are no other victims here in Alaska. They’re all in the Lower 48,” Rook told the station. “We do know he traveled extensively and he didn’t always stay where he landed. He would land in one airport, rent a car and drive hundreds of miles,”

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19 Responses to “Serial Killer Israel Keyes Found Dead In Jail Cell, Officials Say”

  1. Abdiel Galindo

    It's common and to be expected that serial killers commit suicide when captured and jailed.. For them the party and what turns them on and makes they tick is all over. Good by and good riddance.. RIP

  2. Anonymous

    so sad that the other families of the people he murdered will never know what happened to their loved ones or be able to put them to rest.

  3. Anonymous

    Good for Him. To take his own life that way. I mean sure the trial was waiting but hey suicide hey sure he is down for that.


  4. Dawn Delle

    I hate it that some families won't get the answers they were looking for and police won't be closing any cold cases, but then again he might not have revealed anything anyway. He did however save the tax payers some $$$.

  5. Jeremy N. Touchstone

    I can only hope that "suicide" is really a term used for, found dead in cell, someone killed him and made him suffer but we don't know why so we'll just call it "suicide". I hope he died a horrible death, poor victims family's. Either way he will be gnashing his teeth.

  6. Abdiel Galindo

    And who are you to be able to say that with any semblance of credibility…

  7. Abdiel Galindo

    Lastima que nadie le iso el favor gente mierda a nadie le ba aser falta.

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