Raven Gates will take Rachel Lindsay's leftover guys on The Bachelorette

Raven Gates Asks For Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Leftovers’ On ‘The Bachelorette’

Raven Gates is looking for love, but it might be in all the wrong places. Nick Viall’s runner-up on the most recent edition of The Bachelor posted a video to social media in which she revealed that her grandmother has one wish, and it has to do with long-rinning ABC franchise. On Mother’s Day, Gates’ grandma looked into the camera and asked current Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay to send all of her “leftover” suitors Raven’s way.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison quickly commented on Raven Gates’ post. Harrison posted a link to Raven’s tweet with the caption: “See you in Paradise @ravengates09. Your love story is next.”

While Grandma is hoping to meet a future grandson-in-law sometime soon, fans are also hoping that Raven Gates will find her happily ever after on Bachelor in Paradise, ABC’s spinoff of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. In an interview posted by The Hollywood Reporter shortly after her casting on the summertime spinoff was announced, Gates said she has faith in the franchise’s speed dating format.

“I really trust the Bachelor system,” Gates told THR in a press call.

“I feel like I’m surrounded by a bunch of love matchmakers, so that’s why I’m confident in finding love in Paradise. I just believe in the process.”

Who knew my icey heart could melt so easily ❄️ #thebachelor

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Raven Gates had her heart broken by Nick Viall during the final days of filming of his season of the reality show in Finland last year when he dumped her for Vanessa Grimaldi. Now, Raven is looking for someone that is “the Evan to my Carly.” Gates is referencing Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds Evan Bass and Carly Waddell, who met last summer on the show and are currently engaged.

Gates revealed that she didn’t hesitate to sign on when she was approached by Paradise producers because she is “ready for love.” Raven told press reporters that she is looking for a guy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

“I want someone who, if we are out having drinks to dinner and there’s a band playing, that he has the initiative to take my hand and bring me on the dance floor, doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and chooses me to dance with,” Gates said. “So, someone who has initiative, someone who chooses me.”

Bachelorette castoff James Taylor has already expressed an interested in dating Raven Gates, and the brunette beauty didn’t rule out getting to know him if he shows up in Paradise.

“James is very sweet from what I know,” Raven said, according to THR. ” I’m very open-minded. I want to get to know James. It’s definitely not a no.”

Bachelor in Paradise starts shooting in Mexico in the next few weeks, and Raven Gates is one of only a few cast members that have been confirmed for the show. But even if Raven doesn’t find her future husband this summer, she is already a winner due to her time on The Bachelor franchise.

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Gates, who owns a clothing boutique in her Arkansas hometown, was able to promote her business while she was a contestant on The Bachelor. All of the cute dresses, rompers, and shorts that Raven wore on the show were from her Jonesboro, Arkansas store Grey Suede, according to Fortune. Raven was able to generate free marketing for her shop during her 11-week reign on The Bachelor, so business is presumably booming. Thanks to her visibility on the ABC reality show, Raven now has nearly 750,000 followers on Instagram and more than 75,000 fans on Twitter.

You can see Raven Gates and her grandmother asking Rachel Lindsay for her Bachelorette leftovers in the post below.

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