Recent leaks of alleged iPhone 8 schematics appear to tease the final design of the upcoming flagship smartphone.

The iPhone 8’s Final Design Might Follow One Of These Two Recently-Leaked Schematics

The iPhone 8 is still months away from its official release, but leaks and rumors about the upcoming flagship smartphone have already begun to trickle down in a steady stream. While Apple has been quite silent on any official details about the device, the consistency of recent leaks seems to suggest that the final design of the upcoming flagship is close to being finalized. From what could be determined from rumors so far, the iPhone 8 could follow one of two contrasting and equally compelling schematics.

Over the past few weeks, alleged schematics of iPhone 8 prototypes have surfaced online, seemingly confirming that a massive redesign would indeed be rolled out to the 10th-anniversary smartphone. Considering that Apple is known to be testing as much as 10-12 prototypes of its flagship devices in the months leading up to a high-profile launch, however, there is a chance that the two recently leaked schematics are reflecting just two of the most plausible designs for the upcoming handset.

One of these leaked designs, showing a squarish iPhone 8 with vertical cameras and a strange sensor at the bottom of the Apple logo on the rear of the device, has been met with a massive wave of apprehension from longtime users of the smartphone. The legitimacy of the leak has never been confirmed, though it appears to be in line with rumors stating that the iPhone 8’s production has encountered problems due to the manufacture of its embedded TouchID sensor and 3D cameras.

Thus, while unconfirmed, many Apple fans have speculated that the hole at the bottom of the logo is a TouchID sensor, similar to the fingerprint reader at the back of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. In forums and discussion threads from MacRumors alone, many avid Apple fans have stated that the alleged TouchID sensor at the rear of the iPhone 8 would be a deal-breaker for many, particularly as it would make the device far less attractive than it could be.

Others, however, are speculating that the strange rear sensor might be reserved for the iPhone 8’s wireless charging capabilities. Considering that the wireless charging sensors are believed to be located at the same location as the strange hole in the leaked design, there is a chance that the alleged fingerprint sensor would prove to be a wireless charging receiver instead. Of course, these are but speculations, and as such, must be taken with a grain of salt.

While the aforementioned leaked design of the iPhone 8 has been met with a significant degree of skepticism from fans of the Cupertino-based tech giant, a set of recent leaks of alleged iPhone 8 schematics have received a much warmer response from the mobile community in general. These new leaks, while still featuring a vertical dual camera module, completely removes the strange sensor at the rear of the device. Apart from this, these new schematics also suggest that the iPhone 8 would be much rounder and sleeker than the smartphone featured in the previous leak.

What has actually managed to get the approval of most Apple fans, however, was the fine design that the leaked schematics suggest for the iPhone 8. The designs, brought to life by leaker and concept creator Benjamin Geskin, feature a device that is thin, clean and distinctly Apple. Just like the previous leak, however, these schematics are unconfirmed and must be taken with a grain of salt.

With just months left before the iPhone 8 launches, Apple appears to be nearing the end of its testing phase for the upcoming flagship smartphone. Thus, there is a good chance that the Cupertino-based tech giant is about to decide on the final design of the 2017 flagship. Regardless of how the iPhone 8 would appear, however, there is very little doubt that the smartphone would be Apple’s greatest handset yet.

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