'Trump' And 'Spicer' Kiss On 'SNL' [Video]

‘Trump’ And ‘Spicer’ Kiss On ‘SNL’ [Video]

Saturday Night Live went farther than ever before with their most recent episode, showing what SNL portrayed as a fractured relationship between President Donald Trump and Sean Spicer, White House press secretary. As seen in the above photo, President Trump touched Spicer’s back during the swearing in ceremony of White House senior staff in the East Room of the White House on January 22.

Mr. Trump’s relationship with Spicer was grist for the Saturday Night Live mill, since there are new questions about whether or not President Trump will get rid of Spicer and replace him with Kimberly Guilfoyle, a Fox News personality, as reported by the Daily Mail. Trump did not answer recent questions about whether or not Spicer’s role is secure amid the rumors. When asked if Spicer would still be President Trump’s press secretary “tomorrow,” Mr. Trump did not definitively say Spicer would still be in the same role in the White House.

Saturday Night Live took the scenario and ran with it, as Alec Baldwin reprised his role as President Trump, and Melissa McCarthy starred as Spicer, taking to the streets of New York City behind a rolling podium. Saturday Night Live‘s version of Spicer ended up in front of Trump Tower, but was told that Trump wasn’t there. Instead, President Trump was at a New Jersey golf course when Spicer caught up with the president.

The video featured President Trump asking Spicer to kiss him, but Spicer protested, saying he had a wife, as seen below. In turn, Mr. Trump said it was okay to kiss him since he was famous, and that gave President Trump’s Saturday Night Live version carte blanche to kiss Spicer.

As seen in the above GIF from the Twitter account of Saturday Night Live, the SNL versions of Trump and Spicer embraced and kissed.

It’s a move that had Trump and Spicer soon trending on Twitter, with folks writing about how much the SNL kiss might provoke the “Real Donald Trump” on Twitter.

On SNL, Spicer was heartbroken over the thought that President Trump could potentially lie to him or get rid of him, even as Spicer defended Mr. Trump to the point of throwing objects at reporters in the mock daily briefings.

Saturday Night Live cast Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, with Sanders as the potential threat to Spicer’s job. Saturday Night Live did not have a version of Kimberly Guilfoyle as the potential next-in-line person who could take Spicer’s job.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of President Trump has not yet commented on his SNL counterpart’s kiss with Spicer.

That has not stopped plenty of other people from expressing their opinions about the Trump-Spicer SNL kiss on social media.

A sample of the comments flowing into social media about the Saturday Night Live kiss heard around the world between the sketch comedy’s version of Mr. Trump and Spicer can be read below.

“OMG. Melissa as Spicer… the actual Trump is going to have an aneurysm after seeing this! 😀 😀 :D”

“I bet the top of ‘s scull blew off over the / kiss on .

“Trump moved on Spicer like a b****.”

“We now await the utter meltdown of the commander in chief on Twitter over that Spicey-SNL Trump kiss. Enraged tweetstorm in 3…2…”

SNL Spicer N Trump love-in; Guaranteed. Meltdown.”

“Literally still laughing at the Trump/Spicer kiss.

“Trump has never been homophobic…not sure why they think the Spicer kiss is going to get to him……..

“Taking bets on when Trump will tweet about Trump/Spicer kiss on SNL!!”

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