Conrad Hilton lashes out in court.

Agitated Conrad Hilton Lashes Out In Court, Is Ordered To Go To Psychiatric Hospital

Conrad Hilton, the Hilton Hotel heir and little brother to notorious former reality TV bombshell Paris Hilton, is in serious legal hot water once again. Conrad was arrested on May 6 after allegedly stealing a Bentley from the father of his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Salomon, then using that stolen car to drive to her house, violating an active restraining order, all while allegedly violating a diversion agreement connected to a 2015 trespassing conviction.

As New York Daily News reports, Conrad Hilton’s May 6 arrest made national headlines after the 23-year-old was videotaped behaving in an allegedly “incredibly combative and incredibly profane” manner to law enforcement as he was taken into custody in Hollywood Hills. During his arrest, Conrad is accused of using homophobic slurs and accusing officers of grabbing his penis.

“I’m Conrad mother***ing Hilton, don’t you forget it!”

Since his arrest early last Saturday morning, Conrad Hilton has remained in police custody and is housed at the Los Angeles County Jail pending his arraignments, the first of which took place on Wednesday. During the felony arraignment proceedings pertaining to the alleged car theft, Hilton was brought into court and held in a pen designed for prisoners in custody. He was attired in a special outfit designed to prevent him from harming himself while in custody, and he was visibly agitated and disturbed. Conrad Hilton’s bizarre behavior was caught on camera in the courtroom, and apparently didn’t go unnoticed by the presiding judge.

According to the court, in the early morning hours of May 6, Conrad Hilton stole Rick Salomon’s Bentley from his home before driving it to his daughter Hunter’s house in Hollywood Hills, and, as TMZ reports, attempting to break in. The DA contends that Conrad’s actions violate a 2015 restraining order put in place by his ex-girlfriend in 2015.

When he appeared in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, Conrad Hilton was represented by well-known attorney-to-the-stars, Robert Shapiro. As USA Today reports, Shapiro made a visible effort to shield his client from the pool of cameras in the courtroom using his own body. However, Shapiro’s efforts couldn’t stop the cameras from capturing Conrad Hilton’s strange behavior, including winking at the media and shouting out repeatedly during the proceedings. While the camera’s microphones weren’t able to capture the words used by Hilton, several media outlets, including TMZ, reported that he used the homophobic slur “So f***ing gay,” which was reportedly audible in the courtroom.

Based on Conrad Hilton’s increasingly odd and disturbed behavior, the presiding judge postponed the young hotel heir’s arraignment until June 29 and agreed to release Hilton on $90,000 bail. However, his release comes with some stringent conditions. Conrad is to be released solely into the custody of his father, Rick Hilton, then taken directly to a psychiatric clinic to be evaluated and held until his June 29 court date. It has been reported that Conrad Hilton will be heading to the Menninger Clinic in Texas, and the court has ordered that if he checks out prior to June 29, he will be taken back into custody.

After the judge explained to Conrad the conditions of his release and asked if they were understood, the 23-year-old gave a perplexing reply to the court.

“Yes, your honor…I’m sorry for disrespecting this entire courtroom and this state and I didn’t have sex with hookers.”

On Thursday, Conrad was back in court to answer to the two misdemeanor charges that stemmed from his May 6 arrest. In those cases, additional bail amounts of $10,000 and $40,000 were set in connection with charges stemming from trespassing at his ex-girlfriend’s house in 2015, and the associated court-ordered diversion agreement that prosecutors say Conrad violated on May 6.

During his Thursday court appearance, Hilton once again seemed to have trouble keeping his mouth shut. He was reportedly the source of multiple outbursts, including when the prosecutor described his alleged behavior during his recent arrest.

“I got f***ing assaulted! Object. I got assaulted. Object! I’m sorry, but that’s just obscene. I’m sorry.”

Hilton is currently facing up to four years in jail if convicted of the felony auto theft charge.

A source close to the Hilton family claims that Conrad’s parents had refused to post his bail unless the court ordered that he check himself into a psychiatric hospital as a condition of his release from custody.

“If we wanted him released, we would have posted bail. This is not his first incident like this — with what (has been) described as bizarre and unusual behavior. It’s for doctors to determine what’s wrong. We want to find out what the problem is. We know the district attorney is very concerned about mental health issues, and this may prove to be one.”

What do you think about Conrad Hilton’s bizarre behavior? Is this another case of “affluenza,” or could the Hilton Hotel heir have a legitimate mental illness? Let us know in the comments below.

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