An astrologer predicts World War 3 will begin tomorrow or on or after May 13.

World War 3 Tomorrow? Astrologer Predicts World War Beginning On May 13, Ending On October 13

There have been a lot of recent internet searches inquiring about World War 3 tomorrow after predictions were made by Texas astrologer Horacio Villegas that May 13 would be the start of a new world war. In India, a ritual known as Shanti Yagna was performed in the hope that a nuclear war culminating in World War 3 could somehow be averted after the American astrologer suggested that May 13 through October 13 may be filled with terror and war.

The reason for the American astrologer’s assertion that World War 3 might start today or tomorrow and last until October 13 comes from his reading of the stars in the birth chart of President Donald Trump. It is his belief that these stars are in hostile positions from May 13 until September 17.

Therefore, he alleges that it is extremely possible that World War 3 could begin on May 13 and continue until September 18 is reached and the so-called hostile positions of the stars in Trump’s birth chart change, as the Business Standard reports. The chairman of Vedic Sutram, Pramod Gautam, suggests that things are decidedly volatile at this current time.

“America could face any number of violent actions forcing Trump to retaliate. Stars do not augur well and the world is placed in a highly volatile situation that could trigger off violent reactions in several theaters.”

Protesters burn pretend North Korean missile.
Protesters burn pretend North Korean missile. [Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]

While Gautam does not specifically mention North Korea when he speaks of World War 3 starting on or after May 13, he does state that conflict could begin in “several theaters,” and North Korea is believed by most to be the biggest threat not only to the United States, but also to Japan and South Korea.

Pramod Gautam spoke of the Shanti Yagna being attended by peace activists to not only try to stop World War 3 tomorrow or after May 13, but to try and ease tensions around the world as well.

“The fear of third world war starting from May 13 had created a lot of scare after an American astrologer recently painted a grim picture following a full fledged nuclear war involving countries from east to west. His predictions have been discussed on the electronic media in the past few days. We have therefore organized a peace Yagna to propitiate the stars and seek Yamuna’s blessings. Yamuna is the sister of Yamraj, the god of death.”

When the so-called “Messenger of God” Horacio Villegas predicted that World War 3 would start on May 13, he said that he wants people around the world to know that “devastation, shock and death” would result from this conflict, as the Metro reported.

When the Texas astrologer spoke of World War 3 beginning tomorrow, he said that he had seen a vision of major conflict in a dream. In this dream, he is alleged to have seen balls of fire dropping down from the sky and people scattering everywhere cowering, trying to hide from these fire balls.

Villegas noted that he was so frightened by his dreams that he even went so far as to send books of his to Catholic cardinals and bishops in the hope that they would warn people of this imminent world war. However, the astrologer said that they have chosen to ignore his warnings. Horacio Villegas is known for books such as Prophecy in the Making: Signs of the Times by Elijah and Prophecy in the Making II: More Signs of the Times, but has written others as well and shares his prophecies online in the form of a blog.

Referring to the balls of fire that Horacio Villegas saw in his dream, he believes that these may have been symbols for what were really nuclear weapons.

“I believe these were symbolic of the nuclear missiles that will fall on cities and people throughout the world.”

As tomorrow has already arrived and it is May 13 with no World War 3 happening, do you think it may still happen at some point before October 13 as Horacio Villegas predicted?

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