2017 canceled tv shows series two 2 broke girls timeless

CBS Adds Another Huge Show To List Of Canceled TV Series, NBC ‘Un-Cancels’ One Show After Fan Backlash

This past week has been brutal for TV shows as numerous series have been canceled and the carnage is continuing into the weekend, but one has been given a reprieve. There are many series which have been given the green light for another season and officially renewed, but others are still on the chopping block. CBS has decided to cut ties with 2 Broke Girls after six seasons while NBC has decided to give Timeless one more chance.

Last on Friday evening, CBS and Warner Bros. had some negotiations go in completely different directions and it led to the cancellation of 2 Broke Girls after six seasons. As reported by Deadline, things looked good the past few weeks and that it may come back for a seventh season, but it simply wasn’t meant to be.

With stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, the series really started off hot for the 2011-2012 season, but it evened out over the following seasons. Still, it did well for CBS and continued to bring in decent ratings, but things simply weren’t meant to be and it got the boot.

Meanwhile, NBC decided to turn the tables on a TV series they had just canceled and decided to give Timeless another shot.

2017 canceled tv shows series two 2 broke girls timeless
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While Timeless was announced as being canceled by NBC, TV Guide has now learned that the series will come back for a second season. It is rather interesting that this change of heart was given to Timeless as it wasn’t really a show that generated huge ratings, but fans hated to see it go.

Seeing a canceled show “uncanceled” and given another chance right after being given the boot is something that is hardly ever seen. It’s kind of weird that this took place so quickly after it was canceled but that simply means the fans spoke out in a hurry and in a strong manner.

Timeless co-creator Eric Kripke confirmed on Twitter that the second season of Timeless will air in the summer of 2018 and that it will originally consist of 10 episodes.

Yes, a reprieve like that isn’t something that is seen often, but it may give fans of other canceled shows a little bit of hope. One of the canceled series that has been given the biggest amount of attention is Last Man Standing and that is due to it having high ratings for ABC when taken off the air.

2017 canceled tv shows series two 2 broke girls timeless last man standing
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Last Man Standing was canceled after six seasons as reported by Fox News, and it was said to happen due to a “scheduling decision.” Many feel as if the Tim Allen-starring series was canceled due to it being conservative and not sitting well with some viewers.

Seeing as how it averaged 8.1 million viewers per week, it obviously didn’t upset that many people. Last Man Standing was actually ABC’s third-highest watched scripted series behind veteran shows Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family.

Tim Allen has spoken out about his support for President Donald Trump on numerous occasions and his character of Mike Baxter is also a political conservative. A large number of fans believe that is what ultimately led to its demise.

Many shows that have been canceled were not surprising as they have fallen in the ratings and just aren’t cutting it. Shows such as 2 Broke Girls and Last Man Standing are more shocking and have drawn the ire of fans who hated to see them go and knew that ratings were good enough to keep them on the air. One can never doubt the power of the people, though, as NBC decided to give Timeless one more chance after hearing the pleas of the fans.

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