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Brittany Simpson: Live-In Daughter Kills Wealthy Movie Producer Dad Inside Family Mansion, Police Say

Brittany Simpson shot and killed her movie producer dad because her parents were trying to kick her out of their $1.8 million mansion in the Charleston, South Carolina area, police say. The 31-year-old woman allegedly shot her dad dead while her mother and siblings were asleep just a few rooms away.

As Robert Simpson was on the floor bleeding and dying from his gunshot wound, Brittany Simpson blamed her own mother for failing to lock the doors and allowing an armed home invader to sneak inside undetected, her family claims.

Brittany Simpson’s parents had recently ordered her to move out of their home in Mount Pleasant, court documents in the murder case indicate. Robert Simpson moved from London to the Charleston area in 1975.

In March, Brittany’s mother tried to evict her and stated she is not paying rent but did help cover some of the cost of utilities.

The live-in adult daughter initially claimed an armed invader “came in the back door” during her sister’s call for help to 911 on Tuesday morning.

Susan Simpson, Brittany’s mother, heard her husband yelling out in pain after the sound of gunshots rang out inside the South Carolina mansion. Her daughter Brooke Simpson and her boyfriend ran downstairs to reach Robert Simpson moments later.

Once they couple reached the lower floor, they quickly spotted blood flowing out from under the door leading into the master bedroom. Brittany Simpson’s younger sister instantly realized her father had been shot and called the police, the Daily Mail reports.

“I woke up, and I heard a gunshot, and my dad is screaming,” Brooke Simpson told the 911 dispatcher. “There’s blood everywhere. I think he’s been shot.”

The 911 recording also revealed Brittany’s comments to her mother about an invader coming inside the Mount Pleasant mansion. She later explained that she had been at the gym working out and that she ran in the back door behind an unknown person. The door is located facing a dock which serves a creek running behind the lavish estate.

Robert Simpson was still alive when paramedics arrived at the scene. The first responders kicked the bedroom door open and ran to aid the suffering movie producer. Simpson had sustained a gunshot wound to the chest and died during the attempts by the paramedics to save his life, the Post and Courier reports.

When another younger sister, Chelsea Simpson, arrived home after their father had been shot, she accused her elder sibling of the gruesome crime. Chelsea told law enforcement officers that Brittany was unstable.

Shortly after Brittany Simpson was arrested, police investigators discovered the Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun she kept in an unused bedroom was missing. A witness told detectives a young woman was spotted running to the end of the dock a short time before police officers arrived on the scene. The creek was soon drained in an attempt to recover the possible murder weapon.

Law enforcement divers found the Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun about 10 feet from the end of the dock stuffed inside a green bag that also contained gym clothes. The garments found in the bag matched what Brittany Simpson had been spotted wearing in a surveillance video earlier that same morning. She has been arrested for murder and possession of a gun during a violent crime charge.

Robert Simpson had just finished production on Mr. Mercedes, a movie based on a Stephen King novel which is slated for an August release.

Brittany Simpson’s attorney, David Aylor, said she was a very popular girl but is now unemployed and hampered by some type of disability the lawyer refused to discuss with the press. She graduated from Wando High School and attended both the College of Charleston and the University of Miami.

The Simpson mansion is currently listed for sale and carries a price tag of $1,799,999. It is located at 38 Saturday Road in Mount Pleasant. The home has six bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, and encompasses 3,300 square feet.

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