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Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Her ‘Hard Year,’ Divorce, And Crocs Shoes

It may have been more than a year since Drew Barrymore divorced ex-husband Will Kopelman, but the Santa Clarita Diet actress confesses that it’s been a “hard year” and she pretended everything was fine when it wasn’t.

Drew Barrymore has confessed that the past 12 months following the 2016 divorce from Kopelman were like hell, and that hell included pretending that life isn’t as messed up as it is.

Although Drew Barrymore may look happy while enjoying her TV success with Santa Clarita Diet and starring in a new ad campaign for Crocs, the actress has confessed that much of that has been a mask and that she “tried to put on a brave face.”

While Drew Barrymore is glad that she filed for divorce from Kopelman in April 2016, the actress admits that her life hasn’t become easier, according to the Independent.

Drew Barrymore, who this month has helped the Crocs brand to drive up sales after shooting a new ad campaign, is still dealing with the aftermath of the divorce.

“We’re all going through so much. It’s blessings; it’s lessons; it’s hardship; it’s life.”

But Drew Barrymore sees light at the end of the tunnel and is clawing her way out of the post divorce depression.

“I always want to gravitate towards light.”

Although Drew Barrymore insists that she taught herself to be disciplined enough not to “get lost in the tough stuff,” the face of the latest ad campaign for Crocs admits that it’s been a “hard year” for her since the divorce.

But happiness doesn’t just “fall off trees,” and Drew Barrymore knows it better than anyone else. Barrymore, who more than a decade ago triggered sexuality speculation after admitting in an interview with Contact Music that she “used to go with lots of women,” has previously divorced two other men and called off an engagement with a third one.

Drew Barrymore, who called off her first engagement at just 16-years-old, divorced her first husband, L.A. bar owner Jeremy Thomas, two months into their marriage. She then went on to marry MTV host and comedian Tom Green in 2001, only to file for divorce a few months later.

Drew Barrymore, who filed for divorce from Kopelman last year after nearly four years of marriage, admits she has “tried to put on a brave face” following their split. Barymore and Kopelman share two daughters: four-year-old Olive, and three-year-old Frankie.

Drew Barrymore said sadness has “inherently enveloped” her following the divorce, but she does everything she can to escape it.

Drew Barrymore recently decided to distract herself from the post divorce struggles and signed a deal with Crocs. The deal went on to drive up the brand’s sales, according to CNBC citing a new report from online consignment shop ThredUp.

It’s been a whirlwind year for Drew Barrymore since her divorce from Kopelman. Barrymore was cast as a flesh-eating zombie on Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, but that wasn’t enough for Barrymore.

Crocs’ new ad campaign, which features Drew Barrymore and WWE champion John Cena, launched the “Barrymore effect” and helped the clunky, foam clog to “fly off the shelves” in the resale market.

While the Crocs rand is totally cashing in on Drew Barrymore’s ad campaign titled “Come As You Are,” not everyone seems to be enjoying Barrymore’s other project: The Santa Clarita Diet. There have reportedly been several complaints of viewers throwing up in disgust during some of the show’s most gory scenes.

Drew Barrymore, who is aware of the common side-effect of watching the Netflix show, said that while she is “totally into all this crazy sh*t,” she has some very practical advice for all those fearful of food escaping their stomach while watching The Santa Clarita Diet.

“I would suggest not eating while you watch the show!”

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