Pablo Escobar held artists in a room

Pablo Escobar: The Insanely Beautiful Spanish Song He Forced Singer To Repeat At Gunpoint

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria is today hailed as one of the most infamous drug lords to ever have lived. With his life as narrated by those close to him, depicting him to be a gifted strategist, but overambitious in many ways, Pablo Escobar had as many highs as he had lows. And his highs were very high, with everything from his residence to his drug smuggling activities being on a grand scale. His beautiful, luxurious Hacienda Napoles residence was, for example 20 kilometers square and had its own zoo. He had reportedly bought the land for approximately $64 million.

It featured hundreds of exotic animals illegally imported into Colombia by Pablo Escobar, and they included rhinoceroses, gazelles, buffalos, elephants, ostriches and camels. The hacienda had an immense number of workers, totalling about 700. It also had a large number of suites, able to hold more than a 100 guests. They regularly came from different parts of Colombia, and the world to attend his extravagant parties. Pablo Escobar also had a fleet of luxury cars, planes and helicopters that brought in the who’s who on such occasions.

Speaking of Pablo Escobar’s parties, Pablo Carbonell, of the Spanish Los Toreros Muertos group, recently stated in his memoir El Mundo De La Tarantula that Pablo Escobar once forced singer Jose Luis Perales to repeat the ‘insanely beautiful’ Spanish song “Y Como Es El?” fifteen times, as it was the drug lord’s favorite. Perales was reportedly paid $1,000 each time he sang the song, but after singing it 10 times, he refused to continue, at which point a pistol was put on the table, and he had to sing it as many times as the party organizer wanted. This is as reported by the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. The following are more details about the incident.

“The Ochoa brothers, at that time, partners of Escobar and important members of the Medellin Cartel, were the source of Carbonell. The account that was discovered the day his band performed at the birthday party of one of the youngest of the clan.”

The following is a statement from the Spanish music group’s manager when contacted by the newspaper.

“Something of that happened, but it’s one thing Which has been distorted over the years and is not as it is told. It seems that not less than 40 years ago he participated in a private party where he sang with more artists – he prefers not to give names – and has no idea if Pablo Escobar was there or even if the house was his. I am very sorry if Perales has bothered to tell the story, but in the 1980s something like that was quite common.”

This is as reported by Latin Times. Below is “Y Como Es El?”, Pablo Escobar’s favorite song.

In another incident, Hector Lavoe, a Puerto Rican salsa singer and his music group were forced to repeat another one of Pablo Escobar’s favorite Spanish songs, “El cantate” in succession. When the members refused, they were apparently locked up in a room, but able to escape barefooted through the jungle, leaving behind their prized instruments.

The men were able to get to a highway and stop a taxi. However, the taxi driver was suspicious at first when Hector told him he was the famous Hector Lavoe. In an ironic twist, the driver asked him to sing the ‘insanely beautiful’ song “El Cantate” to confirm his identity. Below is the song.

The following was Lavoe’s response to this.

“Listen dude. it’s because of cr** like this that we have this problem. Somebody wanted me to repeat this song ten times, threatening me with a pistol. I was a little drunk and said to the orchestra no more songs. Pack up your instruments.”

The report is as translated by the Peter Vilbig blog.

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