Kate Upton, Justin Verlander

Kate Upton Gets Bridal Fever, But Won’t Binge Diet: ‘I Never Get On A Scale’

Kate Upton is finally embracing the planning of her wedding to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander. While the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is making time for things like wedding gown shopping, cake tastings, and bridal showers, she won’t be embracing the crazy diet fads that so many brides obsess over. Upton explains why she won’t be partaking of any of the suggested diets and reveals what she is doing to look her absolute best for the big day.

Kate Upton Looks to the Pronovias Bridal Fashion Show for Wedding Gown Ideas

Ms. Upton and Jason Verlander announced their engagement almost a full year ago, but, as People reports, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition model wasn’t in a hurry to seal the deal at that time. Now, after what may seem far too long to some, Kate is finally making preparations for her big day with Verlander.

First up for Upton is the hunt for the perfect wedding dress, and Kate looked exactly where one might expect a model to look for the wedding day outfit: a fashion show. Specifically, Ms. Upton attended the Pronovias bridal fashion show in Barcelona, where she walked away with inspiration for a dress to her own liking.

“This is the first time I’m actually looking at dresses,” said Upton of the Spanish fashion house’s show. “This is the perfect place to start because they’re so known for wedding dresses. It’s an iconic place so I can figure out where I’m going to go on my special day.”

So, what did Kate settle on? She wouldn’t give details, but did say she’s going with a classic style, but with a modern twist. The wedding dress is sure to stun, but there’s only one reaction Kate is looking forward to seeing and she trusts Verlander to be supportive of whatever style he chooses. Ms. Upton says Justin always has her back and rarely criticizes her style choices, so she feels confident the Detroit Tigers pitcher will approve of her choice.

Kate Upton Reveals Why She Never Steps One Foot on a Scale

Kate Upton, Justin Verlander
Kate Upton, pictured with Justin Verlander, keeps fit through a steady workout regiment. [Image by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images]

There is much Kate has to do in planning her wedding to Justin Verlander, but Vogue reports that the model and actress has declined to embrace any diet crazes in preparation of the big day. In fact, Upton’s philosophy keeps her from ever dieting.

“I never get on a scale because you can’t judge yourself for how much you weigh,” says Ms. Upton. “What really matters is how good I feel.”

Upton has been working with fitness guru Ben Bruno for almost two years, but she reveals that even that fitness regiment isn’t focusing on any particular weight goals. Instead, Kate works out primarily to condition her body and boost her confidence.

Kate credits Bruno for his unique approach to fitness training, explaining that he encourages his clients to make each and every session the best possible workout. Upton explains that Bruno uses past workouts to build a competitive edge in his clients.

Competing with herself has helped Kate achieve the best results and she says Bruno’s style works, because she has never looked or felt better about herself.

“I reached a place in my career where I didn’t think of my body as something that I wanted to fit into a certain size; I started looking at my body as a function to help me live my life the best I can — to have energy and to feel strong,” said Kate Upton.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model adds that she’s noticed other changes in her body, since beginning her fitness regiment with Ben. Kate feels stronger, more energetic, and happier. She adds that she recovers faster from things like jet lag or an especially grueling workout.

“Things like that help you enjoy your life more and have the best use of function from your body,” Upton says.

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