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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady Makes A Heartfelt Plea To Chloe On Nicole’s Behalf

Days of Our Lives fans tuned in on Friday, May 12, to see a very weak Brady talking to Chloe. She had come to tell him how sorry she was. Chloe understands that her choices led to Brady going with Nicole when she decided to flee with Holly. The following are Days of Our Lives spoilers. Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to know.

Days of Our Lives fans have watched Nicole struggle to be a mother for many years. Brady didn’t miss a chance to remind Chloe of that either. She had already acknowledged that her decision to have a custody battle for Holly is what started the ball rolling to lead to where they are now. While Brady isn’t angry or vengeful, he does want Chloe to hear him.

Brady reminded Chloe that the only reason she had gone through the pregnancy and birth of Holly was because she had agreed to be a surrogate. The baby was never intended to be hers, but instead was Nicole’s last chance at motherhood. Days of Our Lives viewers everywhere had to be letting out a collective sigh of relief. This is the same sentiment that has been expressed so often on social media sites by viewers that are angry with Chloe over how self-centered she is being.

Brady reminded Chloe that her initial concerns were about Holly being safe from Deimos. Even when Nicole ended things with the Days of Our Lives villain, Chloe remained relentless. Ironically, she has caused more danger for Holly as well as Nicole by those actions. But did he get through to her?

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Chloe seeing her ex-husband laying in a hospital bed, knowing Daniel’s heart is giving out on him after being shot protecting Nicole and Holly has to shake her. The Days of Our Lives vixen is selfish but not heartless. This could be the moment that changes everything, thanks to Brady.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Arianne Zucker (Nicole) has extended taping beyond her contract so that Nicole can have a proper exit from the set of Days of Our Lives. Fans have spoken on social media and made it clear that they want to see Nicole finally get her happy ending. Days of Our Lives viewers have seen heartache and tragedy plague Nicole over the years. Granted, some of her problems were self-inflicted but even when she did everything right, it still went very wrong.

According to Celeb News Online, Arianne Zucker will be taping through June. As fans know, Days of Our Lives tapes way ahead of the air date. This means that fans may be seeing Nicole for a few more months. Of course, everyone is hoping that Chloe takes to heart every word that Brady said. Maybe finally she will see that she is the one that has caused problems for Holly, not Nicole.

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As fans of Days of Our Lives know, we have plenty of time for more twists and turns. We know that Vincent Irizarry is leaving the show. Though it has not been confirmed, fans are expecting to see his death later this summer. With a character such as Deimos, the only other safe choice would be a prison.

Do you think Brady got through to Chloe? Can Days of Our Lives fans expect to see Nicole getting custody of Holly? Will this be the beginning of a happy ending to the story of Nicole Walker in Salem? Or will Chloe continue the legal battle she has waged against Nicole for custody of the baby? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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