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Taylor Swift Furious Over Calvin Harris, Katy Perry Collaboration: Planning ‘Bad Blood’ Diss Response

Taylor Swift is prepared to respond in the form of another diss track if she hears anything that she doesn’t like on the forthcoming collaboration Katy Perry and Calvin Harris are releasing in the next couple of weeks.

According to reports, Katy and Calvin became close after having found themselves bonding over their differences with Taylor Swift, who the music producer claimed was trying to sabotage Perry’s career for supposedly stealing her backup dancers prior to kicking off her 2012 tour.

Taylor Swift had quite the success when she released “Bad Blood,” a song that’s reportedly all about her former friendship with the “Roar” singer, and how she supposedly backstabbed her by trying to take the dancers that were already set to work on her tour.

While Katy found the whole situation rather childish, she paid closer attention to the feud when Calvin Harris made it known that Taylor Swift really was trying to end Perry’s career, which he publicly stressed on Twitter following his breakup with the former country star.

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So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to now see Katy and Calvin join forces for a collaboration together. Still, it should be noted that Taylor Swift is prepared to hear the worst about herself, and if that’s going to be the case, she will definitely retaliate.

“Taylor Swift is watching closely to what Katy, Calvin or even Kanye West might say about her in upcoming tracks,” an insider tells Hollywood Life. “She’s determined to have the last word on any diss tracks aimed at her. She does not want to be anyone’s doormat and will defend herself.”

Taylor Swift has been working on her new album for the last couple of months, having flown out to Nashville and kept a rather low profile on social media to simply focus on writing the new songs for the forthcoming record.

Since she’s still in the writing process, she can easily pen a song about Katy and Calvin if she has to, but she wants to hear the song first before she jumps to conclusions. The thought of the duo working together is already making Taylor Swift feel some type of way, but she’s giving it the benefit of the doubt until she hears what the content of the track is about.

“Taylor Swift is no stranger to clapping back on social media or in her own music. She has been working long and hard on her album and may update her lyrics accordingly. Taylor Swift refused to be bullied by anyone, and while her first instinct will always be to rise above the ugly mudslinging, she’s also making it clear that if someone takes shots at her, she will fire back if needed.”

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News of Taylor Swift ready to pen a response to Calvin Harris’ forthcoming track with Katy if she hears anything negative about herself comes just days after sources, via Us Weekly, revealed that the 27-year-old is hoping to release her new album later this year.

The record is practically finished, a source reveals, but Taylor Swift is back and forth with the songs she’s written in recent weeks. She’ll eventually be handing in her final selection of songs to the record label so that they can prepare for the release as early as September, TIME claims.

It just so happens that Katy Perry will also be releasing her next project in the forthcoming months — no word on an actual release date just yet, but fans are already wondering whether the two pop rivals will end up clashing again if their records drop in the same month.

Are you looking forward to Taylor Swift’s new album?

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