A Photo Of Joy-Anna Duggar Has Fans Thinking About Her Future As A Mother

Is Joy-Anna Duggar More Eager To Have Children Than Jinger Is?

Joy-Anna Duggar’s family recently reminded fans that she could become a mother soon, but will the Counting On star beat her older sister, Jinger, to getting pregnant? One of the sisters seems a little more into the idea of being a mother, and her identity might surprise you.

Joy-Anna, 19, will soon walk down the aisle with her fiancĂ©, Austin Forsyth, 23. Joy-Anna’s family has been busy preparing for the event, and Michelle Duggar just dropped a big hint that it might take place in the very near future. In a May 11 Facebook post, the mother-of-19 revealed that she was feeling overwhelmed by all the work she had to do. This may be a reference to the final preparations for Joy-Anna’s wedding. She also shared that she’s been thinking about how fast her kids grow up and leave the nest.

“This morning, I’m thinking about ALL the things to do. Life is so busy and really never seems to slow down,” Duggar wrote. “Today, I want to cherish the moments I have with my little ones before the day slips away!”

About an hour after Michelle shared these words, someone posted a photo of Joy-Anna on the Duggars’ Facebook page.

“Precious Joy, we love the heart you have for little children!” the image was captioned.

The picture reminded some fans of the Duggars’ views on family planning. As People reports, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar believe that couples should leave the number of children they have “up to God,” meaning that birth control is a big no-no.

“Good job she has a heart for children – she’s destined to have many,” wrote one fan in response to the photo of Joy-Anna.

“Part of the deal when you marry into this family,” another agreed.

Joy-Anna Duggar will become the youngest Duggar bride when she and Austin Forsyth tie the knot, which means that the teen could end up having more children than her older sisters. There’s also a high likelihood that Joy-Anna will find herself pregnant at an age when all her older sisters were still single. Jessa Duggar became a bride at age 21, Jinger Duggar was 22 when she walked down the aisle, and Jill Duggar got married at age 23.

She’s often described as the tomboy of the family, but Joy-Anna has made it no secret that she’s eager to become a wife and mother. As the International Business Times reports, she’s said that these two goals top her list of priorities in life.

“Lord willing, I will be married and a mother,” Joy-Anna said of what she hopes her life looks like five years from now.

Jinger, the only married Duggar daughter who is childless, is a little more reluctant to talk about motherhood. When People asked her about whether she and Jeremy Vuolo plan on starting a family soon, she said that she’s just focusing on her marriage for the time being.

“We are just enjoying our life together,” Jinger said of being a newlywed.

According to Jeremy, his top two priorities for 2017 don’t include becoming a father. He wants to help Jinger settle in to her new life in Laredo, Texas, and he also plans on learning Spanish with his wife.

In Touch Weekly points out that Jinger broke her family’s strict dress code by wearing pants after she married Jeremy, so perhaps she’ll also break from her family by holding off on having kids for a year or longer. Right now, she’s the Duggar daughter who holds the record for the longest marriage without a pregnancy announcement. As E! News reports, Jill Duggar raised eyebrows by revealing that she was pregnant just two months after she walked down the aisle, and Jessa Duggar announced that she was expecting her first child a little less than six months after she got married. Jinger has been married for over six months.

The Duggar girls are raised to believe that they should should obey their husbands after they get married, and Jeremy has made it clear that he isn’t as legalistic as his in-laws: He’s not going to tell Jinger that she can’t wear pants or enjoy an occasional glass of wine, and there’s even been some speculation that he might be open to the idea of using birth control. However, as the Hollywood Gossip points out, Joy-Anna’s fiance comes from a family whose religious beliefs are very much in line with those of the Duggars. In other words, Austin Forsyth might not give Joy-Anna permission to wear pants, and he’s more likely to believe that she should get pregnant as early and often as she can.

Do you think Joy-Anna Duggar will get pregnant before Jinger does? Share your pregnancy predictions in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]