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Piers Morgan Thinks Emma Watson’s Genderless Acting Award Win Is ‘Utterly Ridiculous’

Piers Morgan has ridiculed Emma Watson’s genderless acting award by MTV Movie & TV Awards, telling everyone who thinks gender-neutral awards are normal to see a doctor.

Piers Morgan and his controversial comments often grab global headlines, and this was yet again the case on Monday morning when the Good Morning Britain host slammed MTV Movie & TV Awards for giving a genderless acting award to Emma Watson, just 30 seconds into the morning show.

Piers Morgan calling MTV Movie & TV Awards move to promote gender equality “utterly ridiculous” was met harsh criticism from social media users, with some suggesting it’s time for the 52-year-old TV host to retire, according to The Sun.

Piers Morgan kicked off his Monday morning show by slamming the MTV Movie & TV Awards for giving out genderless awards now.

“Gender neutral awards – just what the world was craving.”

But the host’s criticism didn’t stop there, as he went on to take a swipe at Emma Watson, mockingly saying that he cannot think “of a better recipient” of the first-ever genderless award than the Beauty and the Beast star, describing her as “a great flagbearer to all things gender neutral.”

Opinions on social media have been split, with some praising Piers Morgan for his tongue-lashing against the MTV Movie & TV Awards and its “utterly ridiculous” attempts to promote equality, while others exploded with outrage and slammed the TV host for his controversial remarks.

Although MTV Movie & TV Awards introducing genderless awards is, in theory, supposed to bring more equality, Piers Morgan warned that it would eventually lead to even more inequality and could even result in a world where gender no long exists.

“Women will now win a lot less awards because they’ve made them gender neutral and there are more male actors so actually in trying to get equality you end up with more inequality.”

Piers Morgan then went on to question whether or not the world needs to have men and woman at all, before suggesting that both men and woman should be called genderless “woes.”

With his controversial remarks, Piers Morgan, who later in the show told everyone in favor of genderless MTV Movie & TV Awards to go seek medical help, also reignited his long-running feud with Emma Watson, as he has earlier slammed the vocal feminist for posing nearly-nude for a magazine cover.

Some Twitter users mocked Piers Morgan for being “too old” to understand the importance of genderless awards by MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Interestingly, at one point of Monday’s show, Piers Morgan asked if he can be called “a creaking old dinosaur that just doesn’t get” why the world needs genderless awards.

“Should nothing anymore be male or female? Little babies just be little babies, no longer boys and girls? Should we end gender as we know it?”

Emma Watson made history on Sunday when she accepted the first-ever genderless acting award at MTV Movie & TV Awards, according to People magazine.

Emma Watson, who won the genderless award for her role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, beat out Hugh Jackman, Taraji P. Henson, and Daniel Kaluuya in the race for the historic award.

Piers Morgan has brought extra attention to the genderless award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, with some commenters agreeing with the Good Morning Britain host and others slamming the 52-year-old for being a “Gender Neutral Dog.”

A Twitter user named David Gray TV agreed with Piers Morgan, telling everybody to “man up,” before correcting himself, “or is it women up?”

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