Tarek El Moussa delivered a sick diss to ex-wife Christina.

Tarek El Moussa Disses Christina On Instagram: Was A Deleted Post A Sick Burn At His ‘Flip Or Flop’ Co-Star?

Tarek El Moussa publicly dissed ex-wife Christina El Moussa in an Instagram post that he deleted shortly after putting up, TMZ is reporting.

There’s an old saying — well, “old” in the sense that it only goes back about 25 years or so — that says, “Don’t put anything up on the internet that you wouldn’t put on a billboard on a busy highway.” And while most of us have the luxury of being able to think better of it and delete it if we post something we regret, celebrities don’t get off so easily. Sure, you can post something and then delete it, but people (and here “people” means “unpaid TMZ interns”) watch celebrities’ social media accounts and take screenshots of embarrassing social media posts before they get deleted.

Such was the case with Tarek El Moussa, who apparently got inspired to make a nasty Instagram post about his ex-wife before thinking better of it and deleting it. By then, of course, it was too late.

According to TMZ, Tarek was at BJ’s Cabana Bar in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, on Thursday night when a sign at the establishment sparked his creative side. The sign said “No guns, weapons of any type.” Tarek got himself photographed underneath the sign, pointing up at it and added the caption “or Helicopters,” as well as the middle finger emoji. He then tagged Christina.

In case you don’t get it, Tarek seemed to be referring to the incident that ultimately cost him his marriage. Details about what, exactly, went down that day back in May of 2016 are still in dispute. But what’s known for certain is that Christina and Tarek, who were already having marital problems at the time, had some sort of altercation that resulted in the cops being called. They responded with a helicopter, presumably to search for Tarek, who was believed to have taken guns and run off into the woods.

These days, though the couple are divorcing, they seem to have put that ugliness behind them (more on that in a couple of paragraphs) and are working together as a broadcasting team, not a married couple, and continuing to keep the Flip or Flop brand going.

In fact, Christina posted what appears to be a response to Tarek’s post on her own Instagram account. It’s either a sick burn directed back at Tarek or an admission that she sees the humor in the whole situation — one or the other.

Because the post contains a word that can’t be reproduced in this post, we will instead link to it here. For those who can’t see the post, it’s a photo of the Empire State Building with the caption, “NO TIME FOR BULLS**T WHEN YOU’RE BUILDING AN EMPIRE.”

Just how well Tarek and Christina are getting along these days is a matter of dispute. One narrative says that they’re getting along just fine, beyond the normal difficulties of navigating a divorce and managing a co-parenting arrangement. Another says that they can’t stand each other and that Tarek, in particular, is being a giant jerk about it.

When they’re in front of crowds or cameras, Tarek and Christina appear to be perfect business partners. But behind the scenes, say some anonymous insiders, Tarek is intensely jealous of Christina’s success and is abusive to Christina on the set of Flip or Flop, according to In Touch Magazine.

The real story may never be known publicly, but if Tarek’s behavior on Instagram is any indication, he either really dislikes Christina or he has an unusual sense of humor about their whole relationship. The Inquisitr will leave it to the reader to decide.

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