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‘Teen Mom 2’s’ Jenelle Evans Feuds With Fiancé David Eason’s Sister

Jenelle Evans and her future sister-in-law have been engaging in a back-and- forth feud online — and apparently, neither knows when to quit. Now the pair have engaged in an all-out online brawl that has both of them airing their dirty laundry.

Apparently, Jenelle Evans took issue that David’s sister, Jessica, visited his ex and mother of his son, Kaden, Olivia Leedham. Currently, Jenelle Evans’ fiance is attempting to gain visitation rights of his son back after he was arrested in a grocery store for hugging Kaden, as contact between the two was prohibited.

Furious, Jenelle Evans texted Jessica and told her that a good sister would never meet with an ex that was barring him from seeing his baby.

According to Jessica, Jenelle Evans is “jealous AF” over her relationship with David’s ex, Olivia, and has banned all of them from coming to her home.

Jessica took to Facebook to rant about her future sister-in-law.

“Basically I saw my nephew and his mom. We are friends. Jenelle got jealous AF and BANNED us ALL from her house because we were so happy about it. And it was a warm up meeting at home with my kids. So when visitation begins soon, Kaden will not be uncomfortable. But Noooo im a conniving b***h for doing what I thought was right (sic)…It pissed Jenelle off…Jealous because I’m friends with his baby’s mama Olivia…”

Jessica then took to Facebook groups about Jenelle Evans to start even more drama about her sister-in-law. She wrote various posts about her, commenting on her character in very unflattering ways.

“I should have listened! You all were right.. She IS crazzzzyyyyy!” she wrote.

Later, she continued on a longer rant about Jenelle Evans.

“To clarify, I love my dearest little brother David.. I love his children Kaden, Maryssa, Ensley, along w Kaiser and jace. I hope this passes for the sake of our close knit family, as we have always been a close family. Ups and downs here and there, which is normal. If people want to be petty and not see the big picture of my actions to benefit our family.. Then please, have several seats. And you WILL NOT BE DICTATING what happens in this arrangement, trust me sweetie! And the insults only make me lmao.. You are farrrrrrr from the boss in this area code baby girl.. This isn’t MTV sweetie.. And Youre nobody around here???? #nottheshotcaller (sic).”

Bows all the time. ???? #Bows #LittlePrincess #Adorable #BabyGirl #EnsleyJolie

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She went even further in on Jenelle, claiming the mother of three smoked weed while pregnant and that her brother had women lined up when they eventually break up.

“Ok u want more? I got the memo u still talking.. Ya Smoked weed while pregnant….It must have been the fact that I didn’t like half the tasteless crap u gave me.. I’m sorry boo boo.. Don’t u have some rehab and custody court to attend to? And my brother has pllleeennnntyy of females STILL asking when is he kicking ya to the curb.. Line starts here >>>>… Don’t come at me ya drug addict pawning ya kids off left and right cuz you can’t handle them without David or my mama there to help u outta bed! Now shut up…. Oh yasss… MIC DROP.”

They brighten up my days. ☀️ #BabyLove #Family #DaddysGirl

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We all know Jenelle Evans isn’t one to take an insult lying down, so of course, she clapped back at her future sister-in-law, letting the world know her list of sins.

“Let’s talk your dirty laundry then.. how you got fired from New Hanover Hospital for larceny then your husband sells your only vehicle for a motorcycle when you guys have 5 kids. Smart lmao… Your husband smokes crack to tries to offer it to people 24/7 when you aren’t around. You two pop xanax all day and lay around the house with no car or anything to even leave your house with. Your own aunt Unfriended you on fb because of all this drama you’re carrying on about when it’s about his son… not about yourself sweetheart.

“All of this because I texted you telling you how s****y of a sister you are being to david and how badly you hurt him by seeing his son when he hasn’t been able to for 2 years.

“That’s not wtf you call family. You will never be considered family to me and david already texted you about this b******t, so tell the truth. He hates your f**king guts and told me that he will just ignore you the rest of his life so talk to him about that… don’t be mad at me for your own s****y actions.”

After Jessica accused Jenelle Evans of being a druggie and Jenelle denying it, the argument seemed to die down. But will Jessica be in attendance at their wedding? How awkward if so.

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