BufferBox Purchased By Google

E-commerce goods delivery service BufferBox has been acquired by Google. The company, based in Canada, specializes in the physical delivery of goods to kiosks. The business sector is an area that Amazon has been attempting to corner.

A Google rep says the acquisition was completed in order to remove “as much friction as possible from the shopping experience, while helping consumers save time and money.”

According to TechCrunch, the deal was closed for $17 million.

Google has not yet revealed how it will integrate the service with its existing or future platforms.

The search giant has been looking for better ways to leverage its shopping business. In 2012, Google began charging for Product Search listings, and, in 2011, the company rolled out a catalog app for the Apple iPad. Google is hoping that its brand recognition can be leveraged to attract e-commerce shoppers.

In an interview regarding the acquisition, BufferBox founder McCauley told the Financial Post that BufferBox now hopes to “build out [its] vision a bit quicker.”

By purchasing a locker-based delivery company, Google could be working to create a same-day delivery service of its own, much like the Amazon locker service that has been rolling out for several months. Amazon just signed a deal with national Staples stores to secure locker locations throughout the United States.

Locker services are being viewed lately as the newest and possibly the most effective attack against traditional retailers since they offer same-day service and an easy-to-find pick up location for goods purchased online.