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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Is Tricked, Ava Is Caught In Her Lies, Anna Is Exposed As Alex

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly ends up getting scammed, Ava gets caught in her lies, and Nick exposes Anna (or Alex) for hers.

Anna is exposed.

General Hospital spoilers hint that there is a good chance Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) will be able to work out their issues eventually. Anna (Finola Hughes), who is really Alex, will soon be exposed, and finding out that Alex is back will really shake things up for everyone.

Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) will scare Anna and ask how long she thought she could hide from her, but she will relax once she realizes Jordan doesn’t know anything and just wants to catch up with her friend.

Curtis (Donnell Turner) will find the listening device that Anna placed in Valentin’s watch when Nina smashes it to pieces out of rage. Everything will suddenly make sense to Nina, who will declare that Anna has been targeting her husband.

Nina may end up forgiving Valentin when she figures out that Anna/Alex has been plotting against him.

Anna will reach out to Valentin again, who will tell her he wants nothing to do with her. He blames her for the downfall of his marriage, but of course, Anna/Alex will not give up and continues trying to weasel her way into his life before she gets caught.

Nelle gets a shocking call.

General Hospital spoilers on Celeb Dirty Laundry say that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) will get a call that leaves her shocked. It is not clear what the call was about, but it could have something to do with her job or health.

Next week, spoilers hint that Nelle will reach rock bottom and may come to the conclusion that there is nothing left for her in Port Charles.

Carly is tricked.

Martina (Daya Vaidya) will try to come up with an excuse for why Carly (Laura Wright) caught her with Sonny (Maurice Bernard). Martina will be quick enough to think of something clever to trick Carly for the time being.

Little does she know, Sonny has been finding comfort in her divorce lawyer behind her back.

Ava’s lies catch up to her.

Ava’s (Maura West) lies will all come crashing down on her. Sonny is convinced that someone messed with his son’s medications.

He is on a mission to find out what happened, and he is not too far from discovering the truth, according to Soap Shows’ spoilers.

Andre (Anthony Montgomery) wants to discuss the matter with Monica (Leslie Charleson), who will be equally as concerned once she realizes someone messed with Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) prescription dose.


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