Rumors suggest that 'GTA 6' would likely see a release date as late as 2020.

‘GTA 6’ Rumors Tease Possible 2018 Announcement, 2019-2020 Release As Fans Suggest Dubai, Paris Setting

With Red Dead Redemption 2 making its way to shelves later this year, there is very little chance that Rockstar Games would unveil anything official about Grand Theft Auto 6, the upcoming installment of its premiere crime-simulator franchise, in 2017. This, however, has not stopped rumors and speculations about the upcoming title from emerging in a steady stream. Thus, while GTA 6 is likely still years away, the possibilities regarding the game’s features and release date have continued to attract a lot of interest from the franchise’s avid fans.

The release date of GTA 6 has dominated most of the game’s rumors over the past year. As Grand Theft Auto V, the latest title in the long-running franchise, continues to pack in the years, more and more of the series’ fans are clamoring for a new game that would continue GTA‘s tradition. As rumors emerged last year that Rockstar was gearing up for a AAA announcement, many speculated that GTA 6 might finally be on the way. As it turned out, however, the developer decided to prioritize Red Dead Redemption 2 instead, scheduling the open-world Western title for a late 2017 release.

Considering that Rockstar would be dedicating 2017 to the acclaimed Western title, speculations are now high that Grand Theft Auto VI would likely see an announcement sometime in 2018, according to an Alphr report. The developer, after all, is known to be extremely deliberate when it comes to the quality of its games. After all, since the crime-simulator franchise debuted in the gaming market, not one of its iterations were released in a hasty manner. GTA 6 is expected to follow in this tradition.

With this in mind, Grand Theft Auto fans would be wise to expect the blockbuster title to be announced next year and be released a year or two after that. This means that true to Rockstar’s character and history, GTA 6 might end up being revealed on 2018 and released on either 2019 or 2020. Fans should note, however, that GTA 6 is also expected to be the most massive game in the franchise yet. Thus, the quality of the upcoming title would most certainly be well worth the wait.

As fans continue to wait for the AAA title to be revealed, avid gamers have taken to social media to speculate and brainstorm about what possible content GTA 6 would feature. This 600,000-member Facebook group, for example, has recently brainstormed ideas about the possible setting of the next GTA title. Unsurprisingly, many gamers and longtime fans of the crime simulator suggested that a Grand Theft Auto game set in a country outside the United States would be quite interesting, as the franchise has been set in the country far too long.

Among the most notable suggestions from the GTA fanbase are countries such as Dubai and Paris. Grand Theft Auto has never actually been set in the Middle East before, but the lifestyle of the world’s richest and the abundance of some of the world’s most expensive items are undoubtedly tailor-fit for a GTA title. If Rockstar does indeed experiment with GTA in Dubai, there would be little doubt that the game would be the franchise’s most compelling entry yet.

Of course, a European setting would also be just as fascinating, and coupled with persistent rumors suggesting that the upcoming game would be featuring multiple cities, GTA 6 could also feature locations such as London, Paris, and Berlin. London has already been featured in the early entries of the franchise, and it has been received warmly by fans and critics alike. With the addition of cities such as Paris and Berlin, GTA‘s expansion to another continent would be even more admirable.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been reported to have entered pre-production as of 2017. This means that for all intents and purposes, Rockstar Games is already working on its most ambitious GTA title yet. Considering the reputation of the developer, the wait for the upcoming title would surely be long, but the results would always be well worth it.

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