Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reportedly are co-starring in a new film.

Brad Pitt Reportedly Apologizes To Jennifer Aniston, Gives Her ‘Sweet Revenge’ In Angelina Jolie Film Role

Brad Pitt reportedly is seeking to win Jennifer Aniston’s forgiveness for the way that their marriage crumbled. Now, in the wake of Pitt’s and his second wife Angelina Jolie’s divorce, rumors have swirled about Jennifer’s reaction. A new report claims that it’s Brad himself who is extending the “ultimate olive branch” by taking his apologies to new level. Pitt reportedly has given Aniston a role in his film — and it’s a role that was initially meant for Jolie. The result: Jennifer is allegedly enjoying “sweet revenge” at last.

Ever since Brad’s split from Angelina, Aniston and Pitt have been “building bridges,” and now the actor is “extending the ultimate olive branch” to Jennifer in the form of a movie role, according to sources quoted by Yahoo.

Fans of Pitt and Aniston can look forward to seeing the couple reunite, at least when it comes to that film, noted the insiders. Brad has an upcoming sci-fi movie, Ad Astra, and he doesn’t have to look far to find his leading lady. Pitt reportedly has chosen Jennifer for the coveted role.

Beyond the alleged rekindling of Brad’s and Jen’s friendship, the 53-year-old actor is reportedly aware that any movie co-starring Aniston and Pitt will attract fans eager to see a possible romance renewed. Consequently, one of the sources claimed that the actor has been chatting with the film’s director James Gray about Jennifer’s role in the movie because of the box office appeal.

“Teaming up with Jen would absolutely guarantee that the movie would be a huge hit.”

Moreover, the insider revealed that during their marriage, the couple longed to work together on a movie project. The only problem was finding the perfect opportunity, noted the source.

Brad Pitt reportedly wants to give his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston a film role meant for Angelina Jolie.
Brad Pitt reportedly wants to give his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston a film role meant for Angelina Jolie. [Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

“When they were married, Brad and Jen always wanted to work together but the right project…just never materialized,” explained the insider.

When it comes to how Aniston reacted to the opportunity, the 48-year-old actress is reportedly intrigued, because the film could help her change the course of her career, according to the source.

“It’s been her dream to move past comedies and into more dramatic roles,” added the insider.

“Right now, Jen’s all charged up over the idea of acting with Brad.”

As for where Angelina Jolie fits into the film role drama, Jennifer reportedly is aware that the role in Pitt’s film initially was meant for Jolie. The source claimed that Aniston still has strong feelings about Angelina.

“There’s no other woman that gets under Ange’s skin like Jen,” said the insider. “Stepping into her shoes will be the sweetest revenge.”

But while Jennifer allegedly continues to seek “revenge” from Jolie, she and Pitt reportedly mended their friendship after his split from Angelina.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reportedly are communicating again.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reportedly are communicating again. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Soon after Pitt’s and Jolie’s breakup was announced, Hollywood Life reported that the actor was planning to reconnect with Aniston “to give the one thing he’s owed her for more than a decade: an apology.”

An insider quoted by the publication claimed that Brad had “always felt bad” about how his marriage to Jennifer fell apart. Consequently, after his marriage to Angelina ended, Pitt reportedly decided to “set things right” with Aniston, said the source.

“[Brad] never properly said to [Jennifer], ‘I’m sorry I hurt you,’ and that’s what he wants to do.”

The insider described Pitt as “a little glib” with regard to his split from Aniston in the past, but emphasized that now, the actor “wants to make amends, once and for all,” with Jennifer.

Whether or not a formal apology took place has never been confirmed, but in March of this year, Page Six reported that Aniston and Pitt were communicating again by texting back and forth.

After his split from Jolie, Brad reportedly texted Jennifer to wish her happy birthday. Aniston, who is married to Justin Theroux, allegedly responded. However, the publication’s sources clashed when it came to the significance of the communications between Pitt and Jen.

“They have been texting and have been in touch,” said one of the insiders. “There has just been some friendly back and forth, nothing more than that.”

But another source claimed that the communications between the exes had been more in depth, alleging that Pitt had even told Aniston about his struggles amid his divorce from Jolie.

“Brad told [Jennifer] he’s having a hard time with his split and they exchanged a few texts reminiscing about the past.”

However, one insider told the publication that Jennifer and her ex-husband are just “in touch,” clarifying Pitt’s feelings toward Aniston.

“It isn’t romantic at all, they are friends again,” summed up the source. “They made it seem like Brad was running after Jen, and that isn’t true. It is nothing more than they are back in touch with each other.”

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