Abby Lee Miller Talks Prison, Former Dance Moms Star Coping With Sentence

Abby Lee Miller Talks Prison: It’s Showtime For ‘Dance Moms’ Star, ‘Year And A Day Sounds Like A Movie Title’

Abby Lee Miller, former Dance Moms star, filed for bankruptcy back in 2012. Miller’s case was almost closed when the judge in charge of her case, Judge Agresti, turned on his television and came across the Lifetime reality series Dance Moms. According to Deadline Hollywood, Agresti questioned why Abby Lee Miller hadn’t declared any of the income she was making while teaching dance on the hit television series.

Cast of ‘Dance Moms’ at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards [Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]

Judge Agresti’s channel surfing led to the eventual indictment of Abby Lee Miller. United States Attorney David J. Hickton announced Miller’s indictment. He stated that “criminal prosecution is appropriate when debtors corrupt the bankruptcy process through deceit and lies before the court.”

After years of back and forth, Abby Lee Miller had her final sentencing date on Monday, May 9. The prosecutors in Miller’s case claimed that the television personality attempted to deceive her creditors when she hid her Dance Moms income, totaling more than $775,000.

The prosecution was seeking 2.5 years behind bars, but Miller’s attorneys announced to the court that her creditors were “made whole after the fraud was discovered so probation is more suitable.”

Miller stood before Judge Conti on Monday, telling her that she would like to take her to lunch after the trial to explain what happened. It was more than obvious that the former Dance Moms star was not expecting the judge to sentence her to prison, but that is exactly what happened.

Aside from being sentenced to serve 366 days in prison, Abby Lee Miller was also fined a total of $40,000 and a $120,000 money judgment, and will spend two years on probation after she is released from prison. Judge Conti addressed the court, making it clear as to why she chose to sentence Miller to time in prison.

“It’s a very serious situation when someone who files for bankruptcy isn’t truthful with the court.”

Since Abby Lee Miller has 45 days to report to prison for her sentence, the reality television personality has plenty of time to do follow-up interviews. “A year and a day; it sounds like a movie title,” Miller stated.

Miller spoke out about her prison sentence in several interviews. She claims that, while in prison, she will pretend she is making a movie. Abby Lee Miller spoke about her ideas for coping with prison in ABC’s interview with the former Dance Moms star below.

Abby Lee Miller also claims that she has always wanted to learn to speak Spanish and prison will be a perfect time and place to do that. As well as learning a new language and spending time reading, Miller is in the process of working on a new book and has plenty of ideas for a new show.

With good behavior, Abby Lee Miller will most likely be released from prison within 10 months, not serving her full one-year-and-a-day sentence. It is apparent from the above interview that the reality star, who is known for harsh words, brash behavior, and strict guidelines, plans to behave herself behind bars.

Right now, Abby Lee Miller seems to be enjoying her last breath of freedom and fame. She has scheduled interviews with several networks and continues to speak out on her fears, coping mechanisms, and lessons that she has learned. According to a recent report released by TMZ, dance star Abby Lee Miller has even found the time to get herself a manicure and pedicure.

Miller has made a deal with ET Online, allowing them to film a portion of her 366 days in prison. It appears that she will not be forgotten during her stay behind bars. She plans to provide the world with an inside look.

If Abby Lee Miller could change one thing about this whole mess that she has gotten herself into, what would it be? The Dance Moms star stated she “never meant to hurt anyone” by what she did. She went on to say that if she were to do it all again, she would have never claimed bankruptcy at all.

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