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Kim Kardashian Sparks Protests In Bahrain

kim kardsahian

Kim Kardashian may be a member of reality TV royalty in the United States but her celebrity isn’t appreciated in more conservative parts of the world. The reality star sparked protests in Bahrain this weekend as several conservatives were upset that the “porn star” was opening a milkshake shop in the Gulf Kingdom.

Kardashian was in Bahrain to open a Millions of Milkshakes shop but Reuters reports that at least 100 “hardline Islamic protesters” were unhappy that the celebrity was in the country.

The protesters shouted “God Is great near the shopping complex in Riffa before Kardashian’s arrival. One protester told the NY Daily News that “none of our customs and traditions allow us to receive stars of porn movies.” The protesters were cleared out by police in riot gear before the reality star arrived at the store.

Kardashian, who now has multiple reality shows, a fashion line and her own perfume, gained fame after starring in a sex tap with rapper Ray J. Kardashian was able to capitalize on the sex tape and has turned her notoriety into a media empire. Some people, like the protesters in Bahrain, however, will always see her as a porn star.

Protesters in Bahrain weren’t happy about Kim Kardashian’s visit but the reality star had nothing but nice things to say about the country. Kardashian said that Bahrain was “the prettiest place on earth.”

Kardashian also opened a Millions Of Milkshakes shop in Kuwait earlier this week.

Here’s a video of Kim Kardashian at the Millions of Milkshakes shop in Bahrain.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s fame? Are you surprised that her visit to Bahrain sparked protests?

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30 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Sparks Protests In Bahrain”

  1. Gabbidon Toby

    you might not like her for the sex tape why?because she made money off it she what if she did look how many man ladies go through and never make a penny but just used and abused the girl made money of hers and even though it is wrong but most celebrity are just down right sluts so if she does not deserve to work ten non of these celebs dont deserve most of them sleep with everyone in the industry it is only that their tapes have not been released yet but for god sake people stop reading if you dont like them you already saw the headline that it is about kardashian

  2. Anonymous

    Kim is screwed up from her fathers death, she lives on the edge like a prostitute because of daddy issue. The mother is the biggest slut for money and people don't appreciate crap like this in there countrys. Amercia tolerates this nonsense because minorities who have no ethical structure and voted for Obama enjoy the lack of stability because this is how they live. Its getto which is now acceptable as a behavior to watch on T.V.

  3. Beverly Thompson

    If it such a "Pretty" place, "PLEASE STAY THERE!" Her and the WHOLE STUPID FAMILY need to GO AWAY! They have NO TALENT and only want Money and to "BE SEEN" Go "Be Seen" elsewhere, anywhere, just not in the United States!

  4. Carl Klejna

    No not surprised about it. It is a very different world over. They do not like that stuff over there at all. That's how things are over and it will not change. She is stupid and is asking for trouble going there. This family needs to go away forever. The most overexposed no talent celebrity for no reason. How they make money outside the inheritance she got from her late father is beyond me. I can't believe people even watch those unfunny stupid unwatchable show.

  5. Ronnie Grooms

    I'm sick of this crap….a porn star on reality TV shows that are nothing about reality. Reality is the honest hard working people of this country who work overtime and weekends to support a family.

  6. Anonymous

    I hope she stays in the Middle East! And the writer of this article referred to her as "reality TV royalty"? She has no acting. singing or talent., as far as I can tell. Her mother is a brash, insensitive business manager. That has promoted her families most intimate times of being full blown sluts.I beg them to move their show to "Millions of Milkshakes" (now that's.
    their talent- milkshakes)" in Bahrain and beyond. Its time they move on….oh wait I think there are 2 more daughters, that the Kardashian Cash Cow mother needs to exploit….sad, sad no moral upbringing! Because the Mom basically raises them to be "TV whores".

  7. Anonymous

    They may call her a "porn star" but having spent time in the middle east I have seen first hand pirated movies which are supposedly "banned" due to content. Outwardly they will protest but behind closed doors its a different matter all together!

  8. Anonymous

    She is such as pig! All I think of when I hear her name is scabs and oozing STDs.

  9. Anonymous

    She is not a star – Bruce Jenner was – they Chris the queen Pig capitalized initially on his fame then has been running off of her and her daughters uncontrolled pig like behavour – Notice now that Chris doesn't care if Bruce is around or not.

  10. Anonymous

    The girls in the family have one talent – Spredding their legs.

  11. Anonymous

    hey can she come back & get Jane & honeybooboo & take themback there to lvkie with her? I don't watch this crap but sick of having it pasted all over the internet when I do get on here…..

  12. Judy Miller

    When will it be understood that They are not examples to be looked up to. They have no talent other than performing in sex tapes.

  13. Sue Witzany

    I'm just sick of the Kardashians Dee. they need to go conquer another country :-)

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