Bus Crashes Into Overpass At Miami Airport, Leaves Two Dead

A bus crashed into an overpass at Miami International Airport this morning killing two people and critically injuring another three.

The bus was carrying more than 30 people at the time of the crash.

According to the Associated Press, the concrete overpass was only tall enough for vehicles under 8 and a half feet tall. Two signs that preceded the bridge warned tall vehicles to stay clear of the overpass. One of the signs reads: ‘‘High Vehicle STOP Turn Left.’’

Airport spokesman Greg Chin said:

“Buses are supposed to go through the departures area, which has a higher ceiling,”

Two people died in the crash and another three were rushed to the hospital. Several other people were injured in the crash but they did not suffer life threatening injuries.

USA Today reports that police have blocked off the area and are currently questioning the bus driver who was not injured in the crash. The bus, like many other charter buses, had the bus driver seat positioned lower than the passenger seats.

Police will also talk to Mayling and Alberto Hernandez, the owners of the Miami Bus Service Corporation which operated the bus involved in the crash. CBS reports that the company has not had an unsafe driving violation in the last two years but they have been cited for having over-fatigued drivers.