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Chris Brown Will Not Be Charged In Cell Phone Swipe Accusation

Chris Brown Probation Worries Over

Singer Chris Brown will not be prosecuted for allegedly snatching a woman’s cell phone outside a Miami club earlier this year.

The accusation was made by Christal Spann back in February. Spann told police that Brown had grabbed her cell phone after she tried to take pictures of him leaving the club “Cameo.”

Span later said that Brown had, “reached through his car window and snatched her phone from her hands.”

A police report related to the incident confirmed that the 23-year-old performer was accused of “robbery by sudden snatching.”

However, on Friday, the Miami-Dade State Attorney — Katherine Fernández Rundle — announced by memo that an investigation had produced insufficient evidence to pursue a criminal case against Brown.

In addition, Miami authorities say they were unable to establish that Brown had either taken the phone or tried to forcibly delete any photographs from it.

This news will undoubtedly come as a relief to Brown. Had he been prosecuted, it could have triggered a violation of his probation for his 2009 assault on Rihanna.

The Daily Mailreports that Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, said: “We are grateful for the decision and the thorough investigation.”

Cameo Club in Miami Where Chrs Brown Was Accused Of The Cell Phone Theft

Brown was pictured last Thursday in a risque clinch with singer Rihanna after he performed at a Frankfurt concert. The Bajan songstress addressed the picture and the words accompanying it — “I don’t want to leave … killed it tonight baby” — to Brown’s Instagram account.

For those keeping up, Brown deleted his Twitter account shortly after an online war of words with comedy writer Jenny Johnson.

Rihanna and Brown spent Thanksgiving together at a club in Berlin, but have recently taken to using pictorial means to tell the world they are officially a couple.

Rihanna Tweeted This Picture To Brown's Instagram Account On Thursday With The Words "I Don't Want To Leave ... Killed It Tonight Baby."

It’s possible Brown will post a message on Instagram to announce this latest legal victory. If so, what do you think he will post?

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9 Responses to “Chris Brown Will Not Be Charged In Cell Phone Swipe Accusation”

  1. Wendi Saunders- Freyermuth

    She's dumb for goin back. If he hits her again she deserves it. Once a beater always a beater. Those are spots he can't change. What an idiot.

  2. AnaLisa Kimes

    Shes dumb but hes stupid as shit too who goes back to a woman who clearly whooped ur ass. I dont like men hittin woman but damn before he hit her she fukd em uo wit a heal to the head. So yeah he shoulda ran for the door tjat she clearly was standin in front of right.

  3. Debbie Morgan

    He's a loser! No one is going to feel any sympathy for her when she's hit again.

  4. Amy Morrish

    Wow. She left him because he assaulted her and now she is back together with him? Such a shame she is wasting her time on an abuser! Oh well, she wants to be dumb and go into an abusive relationship and possibly get killed, have at it. I could care less. Famous or not, if you leave somebody because they are abusive towards you, DON'T GO BACK! Common sense people.

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