Powerball Winner From Arizona Caught On Camera As He Discovered Winning Ticket

Powerball Winner From Arizona Caught On Camera As He Discovers Winning Ticket

The Powerball winner from Arizona has yet to step forward, but a video that emerged Friday shows what could be the lucky winner at the moment he discovers he’s won a share of $587 million.

Employees and customers at Marlboro Village Exxon in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, said a tall, black, bald man held the winning ticket purchased in Arizona, ABC News affiliate WJLA-TV reported. The man could be seen on surveillance video jumping enthusiastically and in near shock as he checks the Powerball ticket with the clerk.

How did the winning Powerball ticket from Arizona end up in Maryland, though? A CNN reporter tracked down some of the people in the convenience store at the time of the man’s discovery, including someone who asked about where the ticket came from.

Customer Bill Kilby said: “I asked him, I said ‘Well the winning ticket was from Arizona,’ He said ‘Well I just got back from there’, so, said he was in the military.”

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased from a convenience store near Phoenix.

Missouri resident Mark Hill was the other of two ticket-holders to match all six numbers correctly to split the $587 million prize. Hill tipped off friends and family to his winning Powerball ticket on Facebook, posting: “We are truly blessed, we are lucky winners of the Powerball.”

“Just shocked. I mean, I thought we were all going to have heart attacks,” Hill’s mother, Shirley, told Good Morning America on Thursday.

Mark Hill reportedly has three grown sons and an adopted daughter from China, but the family has had some difficult financial times lately. Hill works in a hot dog and deli packaging factory.

The Powerball winner from Arizona now has 180 days to come forward and claim half of the $587 million prize.