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Lindsay Lohan: Dina Concerned That Tiffany Ava Mitchell Lives Minutes From Michael

Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina is concerned that Tiffany Ava Mitchell lives just minutes away from Michael Lohan. The beleaguered star’s momma discussed her thoughts about the alleged brawl at the Avenue nightclub in Manhattan with Radar Online. The Florida psychic hired Hollywood legal eagle Gloria Allred to represent her in the Lohan drama, according to TMZ.

Dina Lohan had this to say about the Tiffany Ava Mitchell incident during the interview:

“I am increasingly disturbed to be told Ms. Allred’s new client lives in Palm Beach just minutes from my ex-husband’s home. What else is there to learn about the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident?”

Michael referred to his ex-wife’s allegations about any possible connection to Mitchell, 28, nothing short of delusional. Lindsay’s father stated in no uncertain terms what he thought about Dina’s theory that he is at all involved with the woman claiming she was punched by Liz & Dick star.

Daddy Lohan had this to say about Dina’s concerns about how close he lives to Mitchell:

“Dina’s comments are delusional and just go to show the lengths she’ll go to divide me from my children and pollute their minds. The public can see right through her. It’s a really sad situation when a mother doesn’t join hands with a father to help their daughter instead of making up stories about him.”

The former Disney star was formally charged with third-degree assault for allegedly punching Tiffany Mitchell in the face during the wee hours of the morning at a New York City bar. Lindsay, 26, is also facing possible probation revocation for allegedly lying to Santa Monica police officers regarding a car accident in June.