Introducing Gangnam Chicken!!

Introducing Gangnam Chicken!!

Today, Korean pop superstar PSY told TMZ that he wouldn’t file suit against a new Los Angeles restaurant for using his signature look (black sunglasses) or the name of his mega-hit, “Gangnam Style.”

According to InsideScoopSF, the world will have to brace for more “Gangnam”-themed places attempting to gain more business by using the popularity of PSY’s hit song. For example, Gangnam Chicken has just opened up in San Mateo.

Tasting Table’s Jonathan Kauffman shared the news on the Twitter machine earlier today. According to folks at the San Mateo restaurant, they have been extremely busy since opening a few days ago. Chicken is a best-seller. And yes, the name comes the song, they say.

Chicken, fried and otherwise, is obviously the front-runner of the menu. However, there are also Korean dishes available such as bibimbap, galbi, and more. Three kinds of pizzas are also offered at Gangnam Chicken. These pizzas include sweet potato, bulgogi and “Gangnam Style” (“sweet potato pizza with fun bite size crusts filled with sweet potato mousse”).

Gangnam Chicken also advertises that they change the frying oil every other day.

Their hours of operation are daily from 11:30 am – 2 pm and 5:30 am – 10:30 pm Depending on their business, they might stay open later on Friday and Saturday nights.

What do you think of the Gangnam Chicken concept? Do you think that it’s a smart idea or do you think that it’s just a short-lived fad?

For your pure entertainment, here is PSY’s uber-popular “Gangnam Style” music video. I hope you enjoy it.