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Angus T. Jones: ‘Girlfriend’ Comes To The Actor’s Defense

Angus T. Jones a “girlfriend” hopped to the Two and a Half Men star’s defense. A woman known online as Stalker Sarah told the New York Daily News that Jones never expected anyone to see the “filth” video and that the entire anti-show rant was no big deal.

The teen identified solely as Sarah M. from Toluca Lake, California spoke with the New York publication after a Wednesday evening prayer service at the Valley Crossroads Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Pacoima, California. She claims that Angus T. Jones has not come totally unglued.

Sarah M. had this to say about the Two and a Half Men star:

“He’s not having a meltdown or a breakdown. He’s my best friend. We’re really close. He never expected anyone to see that video. It was not a big deal. I’ve watched it [Two and a Half Men] and it’s a half hour of dirty jokes.”

Jones was absent from the Wednesday evening prayer service because he was allegedly “doing is own thing right now.” Exactly what the teen claiming to be the actor’s best friend meant by that comment is not entirely clear. Sarah M. and Jones are allegedly both part of a predominantly African American tight-knit church. The pair has supposedly attended the house of worship together on multiple occasions, according to Pastor Royal Harrison’s comments.

Stalker Sarah reportedly has more than 9,600 followers on her Twitter account. She recently posted several dozen photos of herself with various television stars online. The Two and a Half Men actor’s alleged girlfriend goes by @sarahmonline on the social network.

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