Ryan Seacrest Shouldn't Underestimate Kelly Ripa

Ryan Seacrest ‘Should Not Underestimate’ Kelly Ripa ‘In Any Way,’ Famous Friend Says

Ryan Seacrest “should not underestimate” Kelly Ripa “in any way,” a famous friend of the Live! star says. If it sounds like a warning from someone who knows Ripa well, that’s because it is.

Before Ryan getting the co-hosting gig with Kelly on Live!, a slew of other guest hosts sat in his seat. One of them is also good friends with her and has a few words of advice for Seacrest as he begins working alongside the spunky host.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen tells People magazine that Ryan Seacrest shouldn’t dismiss anything about Kelly Ripa because she’s been in the business a long time and is “very smart.”

“I think he should not underestimate how smart she is. I just don’t think he should underestimate her in any way.

“She’s smart. She’s been doing that show for a long time. She’s a business woman, a great mom and just don’t underestimate her.”

Spoken like a true friend. Perhaps Andy is looking out for Kelly and doesn’t want anyone playing needless games with her that will only hurt them in the end. ABC betrayed Kelly in an epic way when they announced Michael Strahan leaving Live! to be on Good Morning America full-time last year. As one might imagine, Ripa learned a lot from that experience which likely made her more shrewd about show business.

How does Andy feel about Ryan Seacrest being his friend’s new co-host on Live!? He’s happy that someone as well-known as Kelly was selected to join her on the morning program.

“I think it’s good because it’s … he’s an adult. He’s a big star and he’s a big name. So I think it take a lot of the burden off of her, because she’s been doing this alone for the last year. It’s equals now — which is good.”

Ryan Seacrest is no stranger to Kelly Ripa, however. She told People that Ryan is a “fixture” in her house and that her children are used to him walking through the door.

“He knows my whole family. It’s like, ‘Oh, Ryan Seacrest is in the house.’ Like that’s a perfectly normal thing to happen.”

Ripa continued that Seacrest’s mother did some cooking on a segment of her show and “fell in love with her.” She added that his mother would be a “great mother-in-law.”

There were rumors that Ryan wasn’t Kelly’s first choice to be her co-host on Live!, according to a Radar Online report.

“[Ripa] preferred someone less well-known,” the source alleged of Kelly regarding a new co-host. “She wanted someone that she could boss around, and that isn’t Ryan. He’s as big of a star as she is!”

The insider claimed that the decision ultimately fell in the hands of ABC president Ben Sherwood.

Kelly raves that Ryan has “been a favorite for a long time.”

It’s been a year since the bombshell news of Michael Strahan leaving Live! for GMA occurred. It temporarily strained the relationship between ABC brass and Ripa, who made her feelings known after the incident. With Ryan Seacrest having so many projects with iHeartRadio and possibly another hosting gig on American Idol again, there’s a slight concern that it could affect Live!, but logistics are being ironed out to make it flow smoothly. ABC would like the show to be taped in NYC, but owners of the A.I. franchise want it to remain in L.A., which means Ryan will be flying back-and-forth three times a week with very little sleep and time to get ready for the next show.

Will Ryan Seacrest heed Andy Cohen’s words of advice regarding Kelly Ripa?

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