WWE Rumors: Matt Hardy's Wife Cussed Out On Twitter By Impact Wrestling Exec As Broken Universe Drama Rages On

WWE Rumors: Matt Hardy’s Wife Cussed Out On Twitter By Impact Wrestling Exec As Broken Universe Drama Rages On

Based on her Twitter feed, WWE Superstar Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby Hardy, isn’t afraid to pull any punches when venting her anger at their former employer, Impact Wrestling. And while she’s been very critical of the company formerly known as TNA and the people who run it, it would seem that one of the more prominent names behind Impact has spoken out against her, taking to Twitter to cuss Reby out for her recent comments.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Reby Hardy’s tweets on Saturday morning marked a possible sign that Impact Wrestling is as determined as ever to make sure the “Broken Universe” doesn’t join Matt and Jeff Hardy in the WWE, suggesting that Impact is still going after personally despite the fact she is no longer an Impact employee, while also being eight months pregnant.

This came on the heels of another related development, where reports claimed Impact Wrestling filed trademarks seeking to register the names “Broken Matt,” “Brother Nero,” “Broken Brilliance,” and “Vanguard-1,” despite Matt Hardy’s persistent claims that he owns the popular gimmicks and characters, having created them himself.

The latest chapter in this real-life case of Broken Universe drama came on Saturday night, according to WrestlingNews.co, as Impact Wrestling executive consultant Karen Jarrett supposedly took offense to what Matt Hardy’s wife had to say on Twitter that morning. Karen, who is the wife of Impact executive producer Jeff Jarrett, did not tag or mention any specific person on her tweet, but was short and direct to the point when she said her piece on the social media platform, simply tweeting the words “shut the f*** up.”

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before fans speculated and mostly outright assumed that Karen Jarrett was calling out Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby, over her accusations that Impact is personally going after her. And since Reby Hardy appears to believe that Jarrett’s message was meant for her, she had this to say in response to being cussed out on social media.

“Funny how everybody using their @ button except the person tweeting. It’s @RebyHardy in case you had any direct requests.

And no, I won’t.”

Compared to his wife, Matt Hardy hasn’t been as serious when expressing his unhappiness over the WWE vs. Impact battle for the rights to the Broken Universe. And that’s mainly because he has chosen to stay in full “Broken” character on Twitter, a contrast to the “half-Broken” image he portrays as one-half of WWE’s RAW Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz. However, he did call out new Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm in a recent tweet, accusing him of holding the Broken Universe hostage from WWE fans who would probably prefer him playing his old gimmick.

Since its debut on what was then called TNA in 2016, the Broken Universe has been a huge hit with fans, as it didn’t just introduce the wrestling world to the “Broken” Matt character, but also his wife Reby, his brother Jeff, and his son getting renamed for the occasion as Queen Rebecca, Brother Nero, and King Maxel, respectively. And when it came to last year’s acclaimed Final Deletion match on TNA, Jeff Hardy told Colt Cabana on the Art of Wrestling podcast (quotes c/o Wrestling Inc.) that the endeavor was fully funded by his family and not TNA/Impact.

“It was so cool because it was so raw. Maybe like four people and a camera guy and that was it. That was it and that’s what made it so cool because it was such a low budget. We funded everything, worked our asses off for two-and-a-half nights or whatever.”

With another episode of Monday Night RAW coming later tonight, it’s safe to say that we might not see a full-fledged “Broken” Matt Hardy just yet. As for his wife, Reby Hardy remains determined as she helps her husband and brother-in-law fight for the Broken Universe, even if it means possibly getting on the bad side of Impact officials such as Ed Nordholm and Jeff and Karen Jarrett.

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