Woman In Trader Joe's To Muslim: 'I Wish They Didn't Let You In The Country' - 'Muslim' Obama Isn't In Office

Woman In Trader Joe’s To Muslim: ‘I Wish They Didn’t Let You In The Country’ – ‘Muslim’ Obama Isn’t In Office

The below video has gone viral, with more than 3.6 million views on Facebook alone. Published via the Facebook page of Jeremy McLellan Comedy on May 6, at 11:37 p.m., the video shows a disturbing conversation being had with the unnamed woman filming and the woman in line as they speak about former President Barack Obama.

Titled Islamophobia at Trader Joe’s, the video comes along with a description that proclaims Jeremy writing that the video is very real. Jeremy wrote that the incident happened at Trader Joe’s in Reston, Virginia, when a Muslim woman allowed the woman at the center of the video to go ahead of her. Instead of being thankful, the woman allegedly began to bad mouth another niqab-wearing Muslim woman in the store. A niqab is something that covers the face of Muslim women who wear hijabs in public when in the presence of non-Muslim men.

That’s when the woman at the center of the video allegedly asked the Muslim woman recording the video why she didn’t wear a niqab. After explaining that wearing one was a personal choice, the conversation changed to female genital mutilation, or FGM, as McLellan wrote in the Facebook post. The woman told the Muslim woman that she wished “they” never let her in the U.S. after the Muslim woman recording the video said that she wished she’d never let the woman ahead of her in line. The Muslim woman filming the video explained that she was born in the country.

“A friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) just sent this to me. I’ve confirmed that it’s real. This happened today at the Trader Joe’s in Reston, VA. This woman was in a hurry so my friend (who is a Muslim woman) offered to let her go in front of her in line. That’s when she started talking bad about a different Muslim woman in the store (who was wearing niqab) and asking my friend why she didn’t cover as well. My friend replied it was a choice and the woman didn’t believe her and started talking about FGM and telling her ‘I wish they didn’t let you in the country.’ That’s when my friend started filming. Enjoy. Let’s make this lady famous.

“(MEDIA: My friend has decided not to give any interviews. However, she says you may air the video as long as you give proper credit and ID her only as a friend of mine.)”

As reported by the Mirror, the blonde woman went on to call former President Obama a Muslim, despite the fact that Mr. Obama has proclaimed Christianity as his faith.

“Obama’s not in office anymore. We don’t have a Muslim here anymore.”

The Muslim woman filming the video began to question the sanity of the blonde woman she was filming. As a result, the blonde woman began to place something inside her purse and ask the Muslim woman what set her off, and whether or not it was her comments about Mr. Obama that made the woman upset.

“You look a little crazy, maybe you need to get some help… normal people don’t strike up conversations like that.”

The video has been shared on Facebook more than 40,000 times and continues to amass plenty of views and comments. Feedback like the comment below is being published on Facebook beneath the video in reaction to the viral video’s content.

“An American muslim too. Muslim is a religion, not a nationality. Last I knew we had freedom of religion in the US. That blonde is an ignorant racist.”

The top photo above displays a woman wearing a nijab.

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