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Derek Jeter Weight Gain Photos Go Viral

derek Jeter weight gain cover

The New York Post‘s Derek “Eater” back page has created a stir on the internet.

The Post obtained several less-than-flattering photos of Yankee Captain Derek Jeter who has apparently been putting on the pounds during his rehab from ankle surgery.

The Post tracked down the New York Yankees star, who as Deadspin pointed out, was even wearing cargo shorts, in Miami yesterday. The Post explains:

“Derek Jeter was spotted at a hotel on South Beach in Miami yesterday wearing a walking boot to protect the left ankle he broke in the playoffs last season. Yet the 38-year-old Jeter also seemed to be carrying another burden — some extra weight hanging from the Yankees shortstop’s normally fit frame.”

“According to general manager Brian Cashman, Jeter has been in a non-weight bearing situation and will continue to be until January. That means if he has been able to work out at all, it has been limited to upper body because he can’t put any weight on his left foot.”

Jeter had surgery on his fractured left ankle on October 20. Jeter injured his ankle during the 12th inning of Game 1 of the American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers. During the six post-season games Jeter played in 2012,, he hit .333 (his regular season batting average was .313). He had 15 home runs during the regular season and 58 RBI.

How long do you think it will take Derek Jeter to get back into shape once he is cleared by doctors?

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36 Responses to “Derek Jeter Weight Gain Photos Go Viral”

  1. Anonymous

    the media = the anti christ… leave the guy alone.. hall of famer.

  2. Christian Sheehan

    the dude is 38 with a broken ankle. Him putting on pounds isn't news. It just goes to show you how great of shape he already was in.

  3. Cr Dinneny

    I am wondering what some of these reporters looklike without any broken bones to heal. Derek jeter + one heckuva a great role model. Tabloid media = embarassment on the field of journalism.

  4. Armando Acevedo

    Heck, I have a sprained right elbow and look how much weight I gained. Apparently while overcompensating, I eat a lot more with my left hand!

  5. Eddie Porter

    yes and I'm the person who is telling us about jeter u seems to be living life in the off season is probably three times that of jeter lay off.

  6. Timothy Mitchell

    If they consider that fat, I'm a 270lb Twiggy impersonator.

  7. Timothy Mitchell

    If they consider that fat, I'm a 270lb Twiggy impersonator.

  8. Danny Allegretti

    are you kidding me! the guy is a stud. hasn't he proved anything to you aholes yet? how many rings does he need for your approval? if jeter gained 200 ibs he would be probably the ony person that could lose that weight and get into game shape in a matter of weeks. and this is coming from a lifelong cub fan. cmon people and media. give the guy a break!

  9. Danny Allegretti

    Hey derek, if you cant even support jeter and assuming youre a yankee fan living in NY state i dont know what the worlds coming to. as a die hard cubs fan i still supported sosa even after i saw the cork fly out of his bat. just saying!!!

  10. Tabitha Bonaventure

    Why are the tabloids being such asshats in the first place?

  11. Michael Szumowski

    I believe that this is just a way that the Yankees brass are going to go after trying to get him to retire with Petite and Rivera at seasons end. Maybe they are starting the smear campaign early to get him out of NYC before he is really ready to retire. I mean look at Jeter now vs. when he is in shape there is not any reason that tabloids should make light of this.

  12. Anastasia Carter

    Not a fan of him or the Yanks but damn leave the guy alone! I mean really? I would love to see the jokers that are the so called trash! smh Slow news day peps?

  13. Anonymous

    Just wait until he comes back in perfect condition! Do any of you fat-slinging morons know what happens to an avid exercise fanatic when they are forced to be the least bit sedentary? Ask an expert or someone who has been through me, tragically……… I know!

  14. Anonymous

    Good point……..I know he's naturally "lanky" but the picture of that arm has been haunting me all day….

  15. Carol Milazzo-DiRenzo

    He'll be back to his svelte self in not time once he is able to, the media can't find any dirt on him so this is what they print the morons. What I want to know is how he is able to wear a walking boot with a non weight bearing injury? My husband broke his ankle a month before Jeter while officiating a HS football game and has been on crutches since 9/29, even since the cast came off. No boot, no weight on his foot at all until January! This is the worst injury ever! I hope Jeter is not causing any additional damage with this boot.

  16. Jen Anne Ritter

    For Christ's Sake, really? So he gained some weight. Lay off the guy. He's basically leading a sedentary life because of his ankle injury.

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