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This Political Coordinates Test Will Tell You Where You Really Stand

Most people identify themselves with a particular political ideology. They might call themselves a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, or something else. They might arise to this conclusion after reading literature, studying history, or becoming interested in policy.

Now there is a quiz that can tell you exactly where you fall on the political spectrum. Unlike the simple left/right spectrum, this quiz measures another scale–authoritarianism versus libertarianism. This gives a more accurate picture of the person’s political beliefs.

You can take the quiz, available on celebritytypes.com, here.

The resulting plot ger divided into four areas. There is the libertarian left, and the libertarian right. The authoritarian left, and the authoritarian right. Celebrity Types will also show you were some famous leaders fall on the scale.

The upper right quadrant is the authoritarian right. This is commonly where republicans fall. George Bush and Ronald Reagan are both in this quadrant. You get here by being to the right on economic issues, but also having opinions that a restrictive government is more in control and therefore better.

The lower right quadrant is the libertarian right. Famous libertarians like Murray Rothbard can be found here. These people are usually not invested in social control issues, but fall to the right on economic issues. They are not authoritarian and don’t believe in giving the government excess power.

To the left is the libertarian left. These are progressive democrats like Barack Obama. These people are liberal on social issues, and don’t think the government should have much control. But they also believe in left-wing economic policies. They generally want a lot of taxes on businesses to support social programs.

Above them is the authoritarian left. There are regarded as communists. They have the same ideas as the people below them on the scale, and many times also with the libertarians, about social issues. They generally do support progressive social reform. But, they are like the Republicans to the right of them, in that they are willing to use the power of authoritarian government to make it happen.

Politics is a complex issue, so the scale offers a more nuanced picture than just a left/right view of things. In many ways, we think of communists as extreme left–but they actually have more in common with restrictive conservatism. They are willing to use the same tactics to get what they want. Libertarians and Democrats might have a lot in common–or they might not, depending on the individual view of people–but they both agree that people should have more freedom.

After taking this quiz, you might have a better idea of where you stand on the political spectrum, and you might learn something new about yourself.

Celebrity Types has many other quizzes you can take, too. They have two versions of a Feminism test. Since there are competing feminist ideologies, this might open your eyes to where you are on the scale.

The results on the Fascism test might surprise you. Fascism is actually its own political ideology. The description points out that although both the left and the right like to use Fascism in a negative context, people who do so might be surprised at how closely some of their ideas align.

You can even take a test on how “Trump” you are. This quiz measures how much you agree with statements President Trump has made and some of them are quite ridiculous.

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Feel free to share your results as you learn more about yourself!

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