U.S. President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized again.

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized Again, Golden Toilet Mocks ‘Take A Trump’

U.S. President Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been vandalized again and this time with a mocking golden toilet.

It seems like Donald Trump is becoming the favorite target of a nationwide political street artists’ movement which recently made its way to Hollywood. TMZ reports that at some point between Saturday and Sunday, the artists behind the latest vandalism in Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame setup their gimmick.

Photos obtained by the news outlet depicted a golden toilet intentionally placed right next to Donald Trump’s iconic star. The toilet was also defaced with “something wet and gross.” A portion of the tank was also broken off, which mockingly reads, “Take A Trump.” The broken piece was then placed on the walkway.

The golden toilet’s stenciled designs — a pig wearing a crown both on top of and inside the lid — are strikingly similar to designs marked on installation pieces created by the Artfinksters.

The Artfinksters is consists of about 100 political activist artists across the United States who aimed to draw attention to their dissatisfaction with Donald Trump’s government through art pieces.

“Our future projects will bring more awareness to policies, legislation, foreign policy, et cetera. This was just the ice breaker.”

“Our goal and object is to bring awareness to people, to inform them about the current state of affairs,” one of the artists from Artfinksters stated. “We all are strongly opposed to the current occupation of the White House and have come together to bring about change through our work.”

It was also revealed that the idea of coordinated installation art pieces came after the Women’s March across the U.S., just a day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Apparently, the artist “contacted almost 100 people and almost everybody was on board.”

According to the artist, packets of stencils with a uniform design were sent out for the vandals. The teams will then place the golden toilets somewhere “that were highly visible, lots of foot traffic, that would get a lot of eyes and photos and conversation.” That being said, Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star fits perfectly as their venue.

“Most people just go with the status quo, and we’ll play that role of being that bump in the status quo. We’ve brought it upon ourselves to inform the public about what’s really going on.”

This is not the first time that Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been defaced. It can be recalled that the 70-year-old mogul faced vandalism incidents on his iconic star multiple times in the past.

In October 2016, millionaire James Otis, 53, took a pickaxe and sledge hammer, obliterating Trump’s career hallmark. Otis, who did not contest the felony vandalism charge, was fined $4,400 and ordered to complete 20 days of community service. He was also put on probation for three years.

Otis revealed that he originally planned to remove the star to protest Donald Trump. He admitted that he hoped to sell the tribute and give the money to the 11 women who publicly accused President Trump of “groping” them.

However, the millionaire failed to remove the star. He then smashed it instead, claiming that he “underestimated” its durability. He later turned himself in to authorities and was released on $20,000 bond.

Some chose to express their dislike to the president by writing “F*** Trump” on his star last April while others opted to use it as protest venue on multiple occasions ever since he started his career as a politician.

Donald Trump was honored with the 2,327th star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. [Image by Vince Bucci/Getty Images]

So far, reports revealed that authorities are not yet investigating the latest toilet prank. Sources also claimed that no one has reported the vandalism. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as well as Donald Trump have not addressed the golden ‘Take a Trump’ toilets as of this writing.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]