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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Facts About Summer 2017 Season, When ‘BB19’ Cast Enters House

Big Brother 19 spoilers already include dates and times for the show, even though the BB19 cast hasn’t been officially announced yet. Host Julie Chen and casting director Robyn Kass have been leaving hints about the summer 2017 season on social media since the Big Brother 18 winner was announced last year. Just to refresh the memories of fans, the BB18 winner was Nicole Franzel, who beat out Paul Abrahamian in the final jury vote to win the $500,000 prize.

The main CBS website for the reality competition show already revealed the biggest piece of news and that is when the Big Brother 19 season premiere will take place. The two-hour event will take place on June 28, serving as an extended introduction of the BB19 cast to CBS viewers. A lot could take place during that first episode, as it is even possible that the first eviction of the season could be shown. The cast will have already entered the house over the previous weekend, giving producers ample opportunity to film footage for the first two episodes.

The first promotional commercial has also been rolled out by CBS, creating some early buzz for when the show begins this summer. As seen below, former contestants from the last four seasons of the show depict the excitement, the sadness, and the all-around drama that comes from the show. There have been a number of posts on social media stating that this advertisement presents some Big Brother 19 spoilers, as it hints that there could be a number of returning cast members. Other fans feel that these are just the most familiar faces that could be used.

Working back to the Big Brother 19 facts that have already been revealed, a report by CBS confirmed when episodes will air this summer. The BB19 season premiere is scheduled for June 28 (a Wednesday) and will become a typical episode night for the show. New episodes will air weekly on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week. Sunday and Wednesday nights, Big Brother 19 will air at 8 p.m. PT/ET and on Thursday night the show will be on at 9 p.m. PT/ET. This is a familiar scheduling format that was also used for Big Brother 18 episodes.

While there are always ways to shake up how the individual episodes and competitions will work, producers are already giving a rough outline for how the weekly schedule will work inside the BB19 house. Or at least how it will be shown during the episodes. Sunday nights will focus on the weekly nominees for eviction, Wednesdays will feature the Veto competition and Veto ceremony, and then on Thursday nights the evictions and Head of Household competitions will take place.

There have been a number of Big Brother casting calls going on around the country, which in itself might poke holes in some of the BB19 cast rumors about it being filled with All-Stars. Fans continue to post on social media that they want to see an entirely new cast, so maybe show producers and Robyn Kass are working hard to put a new and interesting group together. Getting some “new blood” involved with the reality competition show could certainly help CBS keep seeing impressive television ratings three nights a week.

In less than two months, the live feeds will be providing most of the Big Brother 19 spoilers for fans of the show. The live feeds will get turned on following the airing of the season premiere on the West Coast. That will be when subscribers can start catching up on what has been taking place during the first few days of the cast being in the BB19 house. For many fans on social media, though, the Big Brother 19 season premiere can’t get here quickly enough, especially with so much mystery still surrounding the 2017 theme.

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