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Lee Harvey Oswald’s Apartment Is Being Demolished

Lee Harvey Oswald’s former apartment in Dallas is in the process of being demolished. The man accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy once briefly lived in the now dilapidated dwelling. A four-year battle over code violations at the uninhabited apartment complex led to the demolition, according to The Washington Post.

The owner of the housing complex, Jane Bryant, is tearing the building down as required by a court order. The 10-unit, two-story structure was built in 1925. Collectors may be disappointed to know that the toilet once allegedly used by Lee Harvey Oswald has already been purchased, according to the New York Daily News. The commode customer reportedly want the keepsake for his Man Cave. Bryant has reportedly been salvaging materials and selling off items from the old three-room apartment where the accused assassin used to live.

Jane Bryant purchased the antiquated apartment complex in 2007 with hopes of renovating the building. In 2008, the property became entangled in litigation with the city and her dreams for the historic real estate were never realized. The Lee Harvey Oswald apartment is located at 600 Elsbeth Street in the Oak Cliff area.

The building owner had this to say about the demolition of the Art Deco era structure:

“We’re not just losing a piece of fundamental history to Dallas related to the assassination, we’re also losing a piece of fundamental architecture to this area. There comes a time when you just have to cut your losses.”

Oswald rented an apartment inside the building from November 1962 through March 1963. The man accused of shooting President John F. Kennedy lived in apartment Number 2 on Elsbeth Street with his wife, Marina and young daughter. The apartment is mentioned in the Warren Commission report.