Trump Comes Home To The White House Without A Tie As Alleged May 6th Instagram Photo Of Trump Golfing Emerges

Trump Comes Home To The White House Without A Tie As Alleged May 6 Instagram Photo Of Trump Golfing Emerges

President Donald Trump returned to the White House on Sunday, May 7, as seen in the above photo. Trump went without a tie as he walked along the South Lawn of the White House after coming back from his weekend trip to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. In the wake of Trump’s return, speculation about the activities of Trump during the weekend are coming into focus.

As reported by CBS News, President Trump was reportedly going to be “having meetings and taking calls” — at least that’s what the White House told the White House Press corps. However, the following photo has emerged from the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey, on the Instagram account of 40primrose, which was posted on Saturday, showing President Trump playing golf.

The photo had a geo-location tag of the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, similar to other photos taken at the same location on Instagram.

As seen in the now-viral photo of Trump golfing, which has been saved via screenshots, the Instagram description below read “Seis de Mayo w POTUS,” which means it was May 6, with the president. The photo was deleted from the 40primrose Instagram account, and the Instagram account went private, but not before reporters and the general public were able to pick up the news about Trump’s golfing weekend.

The White House hasn’t confirmed or denied that the photo features President Trump golfing again over the weekend.

Someone got a shot of President Trump golfing at his course in NJ.

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Other photos from the same location at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster were posted by social media users as well, such as the one below, showing Trump wearing a suit with no tie and an opened shirt descending the stairs. The location was the Sugar Rush Candy & Gift Boutique, located in Madison, New Jersey. The Instagram poster speculated that the president may have wanted a sugar rush.

Since Instagram contains the geo-tagging feature, it has been helpful for reporters to keep up with Trump’s whereabouts.

According to CBS News, Trump has traveled to Trump-owned properties in Florida at least eight times, and now his New Jersey trip adds on to the cost that taxpayers must pick up when he’s not at the White House. President Trump has also had 18 golf trips.

When the @realdonaldtrump crashes the event you're working! Guess he wanted a Sugar Rush!! #sugarrushnj #madisonnj #presidenttrump

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The golf trips that President Trump has taken have oftentimes been found via Instagram, when people spot Trump at a golf course and snap his photo and share it online. Reactions to the latest photos of Trump golfing are getting a big response on social media. Some of those comments being published about Trump golfing can be read below.

“Can he just leave my state?”

“Wish my job offered those kinds of meetings…smh.”

“Good never come back to NYC, we don’t want you!!”

“As much as you could hold informal meeting over a round of golf, he clearly isn’t doing that.”

“I want him out of my area!”

“This is his 20th golf club visit and 33rd Trump-branded property visit since taking office 15 weeks ago.”

“Remember when the Obamas went on their first vacation and these people lost their minds?”

“We should close the white house cause never there.”

“Those meetings with the caddy must be very important.”

“You guys he’s being so considerate.”

Plenty of the feedback featured folks commenting on the frequency of Trump’s golf trips, whereas at least one person defended Trump’s golf playing, stating that the president works hard and that he deserves to golf. Others reserved comments to write about Trump’s perceived weight. Either way, the viral photo of Trump golfing once more continues to gain lots of feedback online.

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