Randy Orton is Expected to Win at WWE Payback

WWE Rumors: Likelihood Of Randy Orton Turning Heel Over The Summer Revealed

There have been rumors about Randy Orton turning heel since before WrestleMania, but what is the actual likelihood of The Viper turning heel on SmackDown Live in the near future? During the feud with Bray Wyatt, there was a lot of speculation about WWE officials pulling off a “double turn” with Orton turning heel while Wyatt would turn face. Ultimately, that didn’t happen, and The Viper won the WWE Title clean from Wyatt.

Unfortunately, Randy Orton’s WWE Title reign hasn’t gotten off to the best start, but the WWE Universe is hopeful that it will improve now that the feud with Bray Wyatt is over. At WWE Backlash, Orton will defend the WWE Championship against Jinder Mahal. The WWE Universe wasn’t expecting someone like Mahal to emerge from the pack for a title shot. However, WWE officials are giving him a chance on SmackDown Live.

It’s highly unlikely that WWE officials are planning a title change at WWE Backlash. In fact, Randy Orton is expected to hold the WWE Championship through at least WWE Summerslam. Many people are wondering if he could turn heel at some point during his reign. Based on his potential creative plans, it seems unlikely.

Jinder Mahal Rusev Baron Corbin and AJ Styles Are All Expected to Face Randy Orton For the WWE Title
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It has been reported that there are many opponents in line for title chances with Orton over the next couple of months. As mentioned above, Jinder Mahal is the first. However, if the match at WWE Backlash receives a strong reaction, WWE officials could decide to extend Mahal vs. Orton into WWE Money in the Bank. On paper, Rusev is expected to return to SmackDown Live soon and receive a title match at that PPV already.

Jinder Mahal and Rusev could keep Randy Orton busy through most of the summer, but the chances of the feud with either man leading to a major heel turn for The Viper are slim to none. Mahal has been playing up the foreign angle heading into WWE Backlash, which is a classic heel move. Rusev has been a strong heel on television for his entire run. He’s finally broken into the title picture as a heel. It’s not the time to turn him.

Baron Corbin is also expected to win the Money in the Bank briefcase this year. WWE officials are likely to ease him into the WWE Title picture over the next couple of months as well. The chance for Corbin to work with Orton and get his feet wet in the main event would be a good idea. That is another situation where the powers that be are trying to put over Baron Corbin as a heel. It’s just not a situation where Orton turns heel.

Randy Orton Turning Heel Sooner or Later
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It’s been reported that WWE officials are slowly building to a huge feud between Randy Orton and AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. Apparently, everything else between now and then, including Styles feud with Kevin Owens for the US Title is just to buy time until WWE Summerslam. If WWE officials are planning for Randy Orton to turn heel at any point over the next few month, it would be during the feud with AJ Styles.

The SmackDown roster could handle a heel turn from Orton. Right now, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura can carry the load as the top babyfaces. John Cena is expected to return to WWE in June. “The blue brand” is actually loaded with babyfaces at the top of the card. The WWE Universe continues to discuss a heel turn for Randy Orton because they feel it’d bring more excitement to his WWE Title reign and the main event for SmackDown. Only time will tell, but it’s not out of the question for Orton to turn heel over the summer.

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