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Nicki Minaj Allegedly Caused Papoose Cheating Scandal: Revenge Plan On Remy Ma After ‘Shether’ Feud

Nicki Minaj is being blamed for recent allegations concerning Papoose, and his supposed affair while his wife, Remy Ma, was in prison.

Nicki Minaj hasn’t seen eye-to-eye with Remy for as long as fans can remember, Oxygen notes, but things really went left when the rap superstars both released diss tracks against one another, causing a huge uproar in the hip-hop community.

Remy Ma notably came out on top with her track, “Shether,” where she details things about Nicki Minaj’s personal life, such as her refusal in having sex with ex-boyfriend Meek Mill after allegedly having to reconstruct her butt implants.

From there, Nicki Minaj was also bothered when Remy spoke poorly of the rapper’s brother, Jelani, who is currently on trial for allegedly a raping a 12-year-old girl. Reports claim that Jelani’s semen was found on several articles of clothing that the unidentified victim owned, but bringing up family members in diss tracks was a complete low-blow for Nicki Minaj.

Hollywood Life alleges that Nicki Minaj could have very well been the reason why Papoose has now found himself being accused of fathering a 3-year-old child while Remy Ma was completing her seven-year prison sentence for shooting a friend.

Papoose was stunned by the report because he knows he has never cheated on Remy, even when she was behind bars, but it seems rather interesting that those claims are being made just days after the “All The Way Up” hitmaker dropped a new song with A$AP Ferg.

Sources believe that Nicki Minaj wants payback. After having ridiculed her family members and her image, insiders believe that it wouldn’t be hard to believe that Nicki orchestrated the baby mama rumors to bring some negative press Remy’s way while she releases her new music.

Whether true or not, that’s the least of Nicki Minaj’s concern. So long as it’s controversial and makes people question Remy Ma’s relationship with Papoose, she would have gotten what she wanted out of the situation.

“Remy Ma has no idea who this woman is, but she thinks Nicki Minaj could be behind the whole thing. She wouldn’t put it past Nicki to mastermind something like this, just to try and break Remy and Papoose up,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“She knows Nicki hates that Remy has such a strong marriage. She’s got no proof that Nicki set this up, it’s just a hunch right now but that’s where her head is at. She’s ready to put the blame on anyone but Papoose. She’s not going to let her haters get the best of her and ruin the best thing in her life. Nicki’s laughing so hard because the sh** is funny and to be honest she hopes it’s true.”

Nicki Minaj has already confirmed that she’s working on her forthcoming album, which sources say will certainly be hitting stores later this year.

Another insider adds that with the album just around the corner, Nicki Minaj will continue to entertain the Remy Ma feud because she knows it’s good publicity, and if the mother-of-two thought Nicki was done dissing her, then she has another surprise coming her way.

Similar to how Nicki Minaj handled her Lil’ Kim feud, the self-proclaimed Barbie has more in store for Remy.

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