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Former WWE Tag Team Champion Titus O’Neil Honored Despite Recent Lawsuit Reports

TMZ recently reported that former WWE Tag Team Champion Titus O’Neil was sued for his actions during a WWE Network show two years ago. Donald Anderson, who was once hired to work for WWE for the network-exclusive Swerved show, is claiming that O’Neil resorted to violent gestures after being selected to be a part of an electrical shock prank. According to the report, O’Neil became very upset after being zapped, and kicked the camera out of Anderson’s hand. Not only has Anderson stated that he was “seriously injured” during the incident, allegedly suffering hand, fingers, and wrist damages, but he has decided to seek $1.2 million for what happened. O’Neil has yet to respond to TMZ. However, he has still been vocal on social media about his current endeavors.

Recently, O’Neil has been in the headlines for breaking kayfabe for a backstage dance video, along with fellow WWE talent Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, The Miz, and Maryse, during their European tour in Belfast, Ireland. The video has received a large number of views, and has been well-received by the social media community. He also tweeted his appearance with Sheamus at a LFCTV event in Liverpool. Jokingly, O’Neil also recruited Sasha Banks to be the newest member of the “Titus Brand,” as he was promoting Dabo Smoothies in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

O’Neil was honored by many for his upcoming “domino effect of advocacy” TED Talk speech at UCLA, which was reported by WWE and USA Today. WWE stated that the TEDxUCLA conference is a part of the global TED conference series, and “invites thought leaders from the UCLA community and around the world to speak at an independently-organized event designed to spark dialogue and insights in the local community and beyond.” O’Neil exhibited a great deal of excitement about being selected for the conference, also mentioning former speakers Bill Gates and Bill Clinton.

O’Neil explained to USA Today what the speech will be about.

“It’s based on whether someone wants to be the positive domino in someone else’s life. It’s going to be taking my real life story and placing some of the advocates within my life and how it changed my way of thinking, my mode of operation as well as my ability to see things from a different perspective. I want to illustrate how my life has gone, why it’s gone in the direction it’s gone, where it started, how it arrived at this point and how that process can be echoed by people from all around the world and all walks of life regardless of race or gender or nationality or sexual orientation or religion.”

This upcoming speech has been widely publicized and acclaimed on social media, with one person stating that she is proud of O’Neil and all he stands for. Former WWE Tag Team Champion Sean “X-Pac” Waltman also tweeted his USA Today interview.

Since his WWE Tag Team Championship run with Darren Young ended at SummerSlam in 2015, O’Neil has continued to descend in the rankings on television. Along with having an unimpressive win-loss record, he was also embarrassed during weeks of begging to be a part of The New Day in early 2017.

Most recently, O’Neil has finally found a decent spot on television, as he has attempted to expand his Titus brand, which he was the only member of for quite some time. Seemingly, Apollo Crews is being recruited, and a heel turn is approaching to add some interest in his character. While his WWE television status is not at its best, O’Neil has continued to earn a great deal of respect outside of the ring for his roles as a father and a speaker.

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