Farrah Abraham Bollywood inspired look stirs controversy at MTV Movie & TV Awards

Farrah Abraham’s Bollywood-Inspired Look Sparks Controversy At 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards

Farrah Abraham turned heads at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards in an eye-catching Bollywood-inspired dress. The Teen Mom OG star strutted the red carpet wearing a traditional sari along with henna ink, and a gold headpiece.

Almost instantly, Abraham faced criticism from those on social media who accused her of cultural appropriation. Farrah told Too Fab that she isn’t worried about backlash from the public because she “wanted to bring culture to the red carpet.”

“I think this will inspire others to embrace new cultures and have good experiences.”

Farrah Abraham has come under fire for Bollywood look at MTV Movie & TV Awards
Farrah Abraham poses in a traditional sari at the 2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

The Teen Mom OG star posed in an elaborate gold, bedazzled crop top with a matching pink skirt from Taal Boutique & Bridal. Farrah rocked an embellished scarf and layered on the accessories with a heavy gold chain and pendant, and a henna ink choker. Farrah topped off her look with a bindi between her eyebrows.

The My Teenage Dream Ended author completed her look with a gold headpiece atop cascading blonde waves styled by Guy Levi.

Farrah Abraham blasted for Bollywood look at MTV Movie awards.
Farrah Abraham turns heads at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards in Bollywood-inspired look. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

The stunning look is a departure from Abraham’s last awards ceremony. In 2016, Abraham wore a strapless black-and-gold dress with her hair in old Hollywood-esque curls.

Farrah ignored the backlash on social media and enjoyed her night while posting photos of herself with other celebs like John Cena.

Keeping dry @mtv Movie Awards

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Abraham snapped a photo with other celebs at the MTV Movie & TV awards including Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s ex, Amber Rose.

The Crew @mtv

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Teen Mom OG fans still weren’t buying Farrah’s reasons for sporting the dress.

Abraham is not the only celebrity to receive backlash for being culturally insensitive. Farrah has officially joined a long list of celebs stirring controversy with their chosen garments.

In 2013, Selena Gomez was the subject of similar backlash after wearing a bindi to the MTV Movie Awards. According to E! News, when Selena Gomez wore a bindi, she was immediately asked for a formal apology by the Universal Society of Hinduism.

The leader of the Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed, said in a statement that the bindi is an ancient tradition in Hinduism with great religious significance, according to New York Daily News.

“The bindi on the forehead is an ancient tradition in Hinduism and has religious significance. It is also sometimes referred to as the third eye and the flame, and it is an auspicious religious and spiritual symbol… It is not meant to be thrown around loosely for seductive effects or as a fashion accessory aiming at mercantile greed. Selena should apologize and then she should get acquainted with the basics of world religions.”

Julianne Hough dressed in blackface for Halloween back in 2013 for her Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black costume.

“I am a huge fan of the show Orange Is the New Black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created… It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize.”

Vanessa Hudgens posted a photo of her forehead, displaying what appeared to be tan lines, but are actually “dust” lines from her bindi.

Just dust. Everywhere. Lol #bindi marks

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Vanessa Hudgens was also targeted for wearing a Native headdress at Coachella in 2014. Many on social media were upset at Hudgens for wearing religious adornments as festival wear.

Arcade fire set my soul free. #coachellafoeva thank you Coachella gods. It's been simply beautiful.

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Nonetheless, potential backlash didn’t get to Farrah. The Teen Mom veteran said the pink-and-gold ensemble made her feel “freaking amazing, Bollywood and sexy.”

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]