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‘Throw Her In!:’ Old Woman Is Body Slammed, Tossed Into Pool By Rowdy Revelers In Viral Video

An elderly woman personally delivered a noise complaint to a bunch of party-goers recently, and was vengefully body slammed to the floor by a rowdy guest, before being vaulted into the deep end of a pool.

Writers for the Daily Caller explain that the incident, which was filmed and posted online by one of the guests, started off with the older woman calmly approaching a group of younger people, with her two small dogs in tow, to ask if they could bring the noise down a bit.

Almost immediately, her reasonable request appears to be rebuffed.

“It’s unclear what she said as she walked through the party,” the Daily Caller further details, “but chants of ‘Throw her in!’ [are then] heard from the crowd.”

Moments later, as she makes her way toward a separate crowd of gentlemen, another male party guest makes his way around the group of people and scoops the woman up by the lower half of body, causing them both to collapse and slam to the concrete, seemingly by accident.

Within seconds, however, the man gets back to his feet and grabs the elderly woman once again; this time by her arms and ankles, and dives into the pool with the victim.

“One of her two dogs is [also] dragged in with her,” BizPac Review claims.

The body slam pool video can be seen below. Please be advised that the visual might be troublesome for some readers.

In another edit of the body slam video that was shared to Twitter, some of the guests are seen running toward the pool after the man tosses the woman in, but it is unsure whether they were there to help or laugh.

The condition and identity of the body-slammed woman and her pool party assaulter have not yet been publicly uncovered, according to the Daily Mail. Likewise, the actual location of where the pool party took place is not currently known.

In a near-related mention, New Jersey police are pooling their efforts to bring a purported robber who body slammed an elderly man to the ground prior to robbing him, to justice.

Miguel Lopez, a 78-year-old father of five, relayed to Elizabeth law enforcement officers that at around 4 a.m. on Friday, April 28, he was confronted by a younger man who shoved him to the ground and punched him in the face, before taking all of the money he had on his person: A measly $13.

Speaking to ABC-7 Eyewitness News about the violent event, a heavily bruised Mr. Lopez revealed that his recovery process has not been easy to get through.

“I came home tonight and spoke to detectives [again],” he stated in Spanish, adding, “[I haven’t been able to] sleep [since the robbery] because of the pain [I’m in].”

In a statement to the media, Elizabeth Police Captain Andrew King confirmed that the old man was assaulted and robbed near the 800 block of Elizabeth Avenue in the city.

body slam pool
A 78-year-old father of five was beaten and robbed in Elizabeth, New Jersey at the end of April, 2017. The old man only had $13 on him at the time. [Image by Adam Moss/Wikimedia Commons|Cropped and Resized/CC BY-SA 2.0]

“The suspect took [Mr. Lopez’s] cash and fled,” King reiterated during a press conference on the incident, prior to stating that the victim had been interviewed by police hours after the crime from his hospital bed. A description of Mr. Lopez’s assaulter was not publicized during or after King’s conference.

Neighboring residents in Elizabeth have been taking to social media to share the bloodied image of Lopez as a way to garner information on any possible suspects for the investigation.

However, like the woman body slammed by the pool, no new information has yet to be presented openly.

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