AJ Styles Reveals Dream Opponents in WWE

AJ Styles Has Harsh Words For WWE Universe, Wants to Have Matches With Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, And Samoa Joe

Recently, AJ Styles revealed some opponents he would be interested in wrestling inside a WWE ring, but he also had some harsh words for the fans about spoiling WWE programming. The Phenomenal One has been extremely successful since debuting for WWE back at the 2016 Royal Rumble. Many fans were wondering if Styles would ever compete inside a WWE ring, but those questions were answered in a big way over the past two years.

The WWE Universe has had the pleasure of watching AJ Styles work with Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and many others inside a WWE ring. At one time, John Cena vs. AJ Styles was nothing more than a fantasy. The two have now had a handful of big matches that will go down in wrestling history. AJ Styles also became the WWE Champion for a good stretch of time, but it’s likely he hold the title again over the next several years.

A lot of the fun of having AJ Styles compete for WWE is getting to see many of the dream matches the WWE Universe has wondered about for years come to fruition. There is a lot of money in those matches for WWE, but also historic moments for the WWE Universe. In fact, the Phenomenal One just revealed three possible opponents he would still like to face in WWE sooner rather than later.

Finn Balor Seth Rollins Samoa Joe Could Face Aj STyles in the Near Future
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During a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, AJ Styles mentioned Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Samoa Joe by name as three guys he would still like to step into the ring with soon. Unfortunately, all three men are on the Raw roster, which means the WWE Universe will have to wait for those matches. However, there’s no doubt that Styles will face all three performers in WWE before his wrestling career comes to an end.

The WWE Universe is extremely interested in seeing Balor vs. Styles as soon as possible. Aside from the fact that their matches would be amazing, their history with Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and The Bullet Club makes it one of the most exciting matchups for hardcore wrestling fans. Rollins vs. Styles would be similar in many ways, but these matchups are about who’s the better wrestler? That’s what makes them exciting.

The Phenomenal One also subtly acknowledged his history with Samoa Joe, which is well known. However, the WWE Universe hasn’t seen AJ vs. Joe inside a WWE ring. There is a lot of opportunity to expand their history at some point in the future, and fans unaware of their history will get to see something really special.

AJ Styles Has Harsh Words For the WWE Universe
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Unfortunately, AJ Styles had some harsh words for the WWE Universe about spreading spoilers and taking away the chance to surprise the fans on WWE programming. The Phenomenal One is all about speculating and having fun, but there is a line when spoilers can ruin a lot of what happens on WWE television. Styles had the following to say about the topic during the interview.

“As far as the Shakeup goes, I had no idea what was going on, I heard rumors as well, and I’m glad that they were wrong. Because, I hate when people know what’s going on in our business, it should be our business to surprise you, not your business for someone else to read on the internet. That actually, upsets me that some people know — whoever it is — in the office of WWE, can’t keep their mouth shut.

“But it’s fun for you guys to speculate and why ‘they need to be on Raw’ or ‘they need to be on SmackDown.’ That’s fun. And to guess, and then to not know — because WWE didn’t know until the last minute who was going where and I have no problem with that, because they [WWE] don’t know, neither does the internet. I think it [had] some surprises and that is a good thing.”

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