Jon Stewart criticizes Congress

Jon Stewart: ‘Why Is Congress Ignoring Fiscal Cliffpocalypsemageddonacaust?’ [Video]

Jon Stewart is waging war on just about everyone. The normally left-leaning pundit has media and politicians of all make and model in his cross-hairs, and his latest criticism extends to Congress and their inability to solve the problem of the fiscal cliff.

Last night on The Daily Show, Stewart shredded Democrats and Republicans alike over their complete unwillingness to seriously address or compromise on impending cuts and tax expirations that will automatically trigger on January 2. This mutually-assured destruction is known as the “fiscal cliff,” but we like Stewart’s title better: “Cliffpocalypsemageddonacaust.”

Stewart took pot-shots and President Obama as well, arguing that since he has secured re-election, he has “nothing to worry about,” criticizing him as being a little too comfortable. Stewart also criticized Congress’s earlier decision to delay the problem and instituting the “fiscal cliff” as a “catastrophic penalty [to] crash our economy.”

Republicans want entitlement reform, and Democrats want tax hikes. Since neither side will budge on these issues, Stewart argues that “the only way to solve this” involves the two biggest things that aren’t even on the table.

He also mocked the new language used to talk about the “fiscal cliff” in an effort to soften its severity. Stewart mocked the “hills,” “slopes,” and his favorite, “a fiscal garden.”

“Our country faces a fiscal disaster, and we don’t have to compromise or fix it, because we can just sit back in our garden and enjoy the fruits and flowery aromas of Washington in December. F*** us.”

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