world's priciest burger

World’s Priciest Burger? Depends On Who You Ask

The world’s priciest burger is a thing, and believe it or not, restaurants are in a race to determine who can out fancy the competition and win the honor of the most overpriced burger on Earth.

Ultimately, let’s face it — the world’s priciest burger is not necessarily going to guarantee an amazing burger experience.

The old standby — decent and high-fat ground beef, a buttery toasted bun, good mayo and a slice of onion — is pretty hard to beat no matter how much lobster, truffle butter or designer cow you dump on it.

But then again, as a burger fan, who wouldn’t want to at least try the world’s priciest burger and all it entails, just to see how the slightly boring parts of the other half live?

The world’s priciest burger trend kicked off at a London Burger King, though it’s not clear if the offering is still on the menu. Ringing in at a hefty $185 (or just under £100), the world’s priciest burger (Burger King edition) featured Waygu beef, a truffle topper and a saffron and truffle bun.

However, call us snobs — but who wants to drop 200 clams to eat at BK?

Soon, Burger King’s world’s priciest burger was knocked off soon by a bunch of upstarts — some ranging up to three times the cost or more. Serendipity 3, the New York City purveyor of Frozen Hot Chocolates, entered the fray with a $295 “Serendipity Burger” and served it with a diamond-encrusted solid gold toothpick. Take that, Mr. Burger King.

But of course, the world’s priciest burger stakes (mmm, steak) were raised in Vegas, where the $5,000 Fleur de Lys FleurBurger 5000 at Mandalay Bay knocked all other bettors off the table.

world's priciest burger

For your five large, you get a bottle of rare and spendy champagne with your world’s priciest burger, as well as a shower of expensive truffles across the plate.

But given the subtle complexities of a basic model, the world’s priciest burger race seems to prove that many of the adages about having more money than taste ring true today.