Deanna Protocol A Potential Cure For Lou Gehrig's Disease

Deanna Protocol A Potential Cure For Lou Gehrig’s Disease

The Deanna Protocol is potentially a medical treatment plan for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. According to CBN News, the Deanna Protocol “has slowed the progression of the deadly disease, even reversed the symptoms in people” with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Dr. Vincent Tedone is a retired orthopedic surgeon whose daughter, Deanna, was diagnosed with ALS about five years ago. People diagnosed with ALS tend to live only three more years at most, as the nerves that allow basic functions like swallowing and breathing degenerate. Currently there is no cure or effective treatment to slow the deadly disease prescribed by the medical community.

Dr. Tedone quit his career as a surgeon and decided to develop a treatment for Deanna. Through trial-and-error he developed the Deanna Protocol and stopped the progression of Deanna’s Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It has been five years and Deanna still talks, walks, and even drives.

The Deanna Protocol has reportedly worked for at least one other person suffering from ALS. Anthony Topazi is the former head of the Mississippi Power Company who led the company through restoring electricity after Hurricane Katrina. He found Dr. Tedone over the internet and so far his results have been amazing. Topazi experienced a complete reversal of his symptoms, nearly to the point of where he was before his diagnosis. They speculate his recovery is better than Deanna’s own because he began the Deanna Protocol early on after the onset of symptoms.

The Deanna Protocol is currently undergoing testing and exact details have not been released to the general public yet. Dr. Tedone is currently testing the Deanna Protocol on lab mice with ALS at the University of South Florida under the direction of Dr. Dominic D’agostino. While some people on the internet are suspicious this might be a scam, news of the Deanna Protocol is spreading by worth of mouth. I heard of the Deanna Protocol myself when my doctor asked if anyone at The Inquisitr had written about it.

The Facebook Group “Winning the Fight” has an unfortunate acronym but they are volunteer organization that is popularizing the Deanna Protocol. The Deanna Protocol will be published as soon as it is considered a legitimate treatment in the medical community. In the meantime they suggest emailing Dr. Tedone directly at Considering your situation, he may be willing to help you directly.

UPDATE: Dr. Tedone emailed The Inquisitr and wished to correct the misconception that the Deanna Protocol is a “cure” for ALS. He says the Deanna Protocol is “not a cure but it does slow down if not stop the disease progression. My desire is to get this information out to ALS patients sooner rather than later.” Dr. Tedone was nice enough to agree to an interview, so check back soon.