Three Killed Casper College

Casper College: Three Killed In Bow And Arrow Assault

Casper, WY — Three people are dead after an apparent “bow and arrow attack” on the Casper College campus Friday morning. Two of the dead were discovered on campus, while another body was found at off-campus.

Details of the attack are not known at this point, though it is believed that police have the sole suspect in custody, though there are conflicting reports on whether the suspect was wounded or killed during the incident, reports KAIT8.

The attack happened just before 9 am local time, according to school spokesman Rich Fujita. He added that authorities were looking for a possible second suspect during a campus search. Fujita stated:

“They are reasonably certain that the one and only suspect is in custody, but they told us they can’t be 100 percent certain there is not a second suspect.”

Casper College’s lockdown was canceled about an hour after the bow and arrow attack, which killed three, notes NBC News. Classes have been canceled at the community college until further notice.

Chris Henrichsen, a political science instructor, stated that he was showing the film Frost/Nixon to his Wyoming and US government class when he stepped out into the hall briefly.

He was notified of a homicide on campus and returned to the classroom, where students were receiving text messages about the campus lockdown. Henrichsen stated, “We locked the door and waited for further instruction.”

Fujits stated that one of the bodies on campus appeared to be a male faculty member, while the other appeared to be of “student age.” There is no further information on who the victims were, why the attack occurred, or whether the suspect is still alive, or if they were killed during the incident.